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It's strategy first and creation second

You know the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

This is especially true when it comes to your web & digital strategy process.

Without an overarching plan, how do you know if you have even achieved success? What are the key metrics you are measuring? What are the pieces of the puzzle that will make up the execution of this plan? Too often we see business neglect this critical thinking process.

Delivering web & digital strategy for over 16 years

The world has changed a lot in the past 16 years. This makes us sound very old!

17 Years

Plenty of platforms & technologies have come and gone.

But the same guiding principles remain true.

1. Build great content – A website jam packed full of quality content that solves peoples problems will always succeed.

2. Make it look great – Clean web design, great visuals and an interesting way to present information that encourages an individual to get in touch. 

3. A good technical experience – A fast to load, mobile friendly website with the least amount of friction as possible will always win.  

Why don't people start with a web strategy?

It happens a lot. A plan is rushed into with to bigger picture thoughts around the greater implications. Here are the issues we typically see:

Not enough questions asked

Outcomes not defined

Not understanding the parts

No post launch support

No testing or learning

Unable to pivot

And without these elements, the outcome is poor

Same old story! Poor communication. Didn’t meet time frames. Promised the world, didn’t deliver. Didn’t capture clients message or vibe. Things were missing. Hard to update and just generally left in the lurch afterwards! Ouch.

So what's the solution?

We start with the outcomes

It's strategy first and
creation second

We have and amazing process

We have all the skills
not just some of them

We hold your hand forever

Our web strategy experience

We are going to make this a journey you will enjoy. So much so that, we will hit you up for a 5 star Google review at the end of the process. So what can you expect from us? We communicate fanatically. We meet time frames. We keep our word. We check in that you love it visually. We handle everything. You will get full user training. And if you choose to, ongoing client care, solving your problems long into the future.

Our outcome is high ROI website you are proud of

We promise to deliver

Custom Web Strategy

15+ years of web design experience. An indepth understanding of your business and the outcomes you want.

A Proven Process

1000’s of websites delivered with a clear track record for success and a predicable outcome.

Great Design

Custom design completely unique to you. Design geared around conversion.

Solid WordPress Build

Open source WordPress build. Fast, lean and secure. Putting you in securely in the drivers seat.

Search Engine Friendly

Make Google your friend. Get found online for your keywords. Turbo charge leads and enquiries.

Training & Support

Full handover and intensive user training getting you comfortable in the drivers seat.

Social Media Integration

Integration social media platforms and promote interaction.

Very Happy Clients!

A guaranteed 5 star experience or your money back.

“Strategy” is a word that gets thrown around a lot. But the reality is, the potential return on a well-executed web and content strategy can be truly explosive. It can bring in a truck load of leads and sales, attracting better clients that are ready to buy. We can provide the bigger picture thinking that achieves your goals.

Now you understand the importance of a website founded on great content. No two web strategies are the same but common elements exist. Here is a sample of what a typical small business ‘online footprint’ would look like.

  • Self-hosted WordPress website
  • Email database opt-in and regular email marketing activities
  • Social media sharing and advertising
  • Search engine traffic (paid and free)
  • Offline advertising and traffic

So building a three-page website and hoping you are sitting in number 1 position isn’t going to cut the mustard with Google. It wants more. Much more. For your website to do well and generate highly qualified of traffic, it wants content (and lots of it!).

Key points include:

  • A good web marketing website comes from good planning
  • Google has changed the game and you need to understand what it wants
  • The key now is frequently updated valuable content that is relevant
  • Trying to game Google with keyword stuffing doesn’t work
  • The top three positions in a search page account for 60% of eventual click throughs (you need to be there!)
  • A good webpage ‘pulls’ in prospective customers and builds you as an authority in your industry
  • Treat your website design as a mini publishing effort and aim to educate and add value for your prospects
  • Move towards having an online footprint (combining social media, email marketing and offline activities), not just a website
This is a consultative process where we really get to know your business. It all starts with a Web Strategy Workshop where we align all of our goals and expectations. We will guide you through identifying what opportunities exist in your industry, define the site architecture to match, wire-frame the new website and take you through the design & prototyping process.

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