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Structural Engineers addressing the cracks in their online presence

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September 2021
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Who is JHA?

Jeffrey Hills founded JHA Australia, a forensic and Structural Engineering company, in late 1991 on the Gold Coast in Burleigh Heads. Jeff’s drive and motivation to provide clients with an honest and accurate appraisal of their engineering needs were what inspired him to get JHA started. 

The JHA team of engineers have 30 years experience in the industry and are your go-to personnel for all your engineering needs. The team of engineers can determine an array of engineering problems from water penetration and building deterioration, to issues with retaining walls – no job is too big or too small. JHA accurately reports on the extent of damage and repairs required following structural failures and natural disasters. The company also has an experienced Design Team on hand who can provide structural design, assessment and certification. 

JHA Australia always completes a thorough analysis on sites Australia wide with their team providing the answers around the cause, extent, methodology for repairs and certification on any repair work conducted.

It was time for a refresh

JHA’s website was in a state similar to that of anyone left in the early 00’s. Without regular maintenance,  it was looking tired, outdated and lacking real purpose.  Aside from the obvious dated design aesthetics, the team were also hungry to make improvements to the overall health of the site. As it stood, the website was not used for purpose and contained images of work the team did not even deliver. 

One of the key drivers to hitting the refresh button was JHA’s desire to start generating traffic and ultimately conversions for the company. The ability to portray themselves as the trusted professionals they are to larger corporations, such as Councils, AAMI and Telstra, was another fundamental trigger in influencing change. They couldn’t do this without first reviving their website with a new design, easy to interpret copy and accurate video / photography

Before & After


The Ingredients of the Burger

JHA Engineering was after a delicious Burger with The Lot, which included:

Web Design & Development
Google Ads

The first step in the process was to head to their office in Burleigh where we had an epic day of a photo and videoshooting. These Engineers weren’t used to being behind the camera, however, the team loved being part of the photo and video shoot and were eager to get the best result for the company! We headed to a few sites to capture a usual day for the team and showcase their wide range of services. To see these results head on over to their site! 

The next step in the process was to make sure the Copy on the website was up to scratch! JHA was fantastic at providing us with technical knowledge before we added the Five by Five sprinkle to ensure it was content that could convert, and structured in a way that was perfect for the website.

Our creative flare was up next as we dove into designing an epic new website for JHA. We had a clear brief from the team – easy navigation and white space to allow the imagery to be a showcase – did someone say sophistication?! 

Once the site was launched (a huge celebration for JHA and our team) the fun really started to kick in! Check out the results below of the SEO team working their magic implementing strategies and getting results for JHA that far exceeded their expectations!


Campaign after 6 months
Campaign after 12 months

Initially writing content (blogs, new service pages, etc) posed some difficulties due to the nature and complexity of the service they provide – laws & regulations. The first couple of content pieces we produced didn’t hit the mark so we decided to 180 our strategy. In doing so, we started to interview our client each month to source more accurate and timely information in order to produce better content.

Post-launch we also built out location pages which you can see here https://www.jha.com.au/locations/. Adding these additional pages to the strategy provided great success, so good that currently each page ranks within the top 3 for its focus keywords.

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