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Want a 200% boost in traffic to your website? How about a 290% increase in leads and enquiries hitting your inbox every month? We’re betting that’s a huge YES. 

Well, you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what our clients get (on average!) when they partner with us for their SEO and PPC needs.

If you’re an established business owner with an existing website and big growth goals, this digital marketing package is the solution you need to get more eyes on your brand, more traffic to your website and more paying clients through your door.

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Snack Pack
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Is this keeping you up at night?

You’re too busy working in your business, and don’t have time to work on it.

Your days are packed with urgent tasks, from managing your team to dealing with clients to directing finances. Each time you try to focus on marketing, something more pressing demands your attention. Strategic planning plummets to the bottom of the priority list as you firefight daily issues, leaving your marketing efforts fragmented and inconsistent at best.

You understand that digital marketing is essential for growth, but you’re not an expert.

New trends, changing algorithms, AI developments… Keeping up with it all seems impossible when you’re already stretched thin. You’ve tried to learn on your own, but the sheer volume of information and the technical nature of digital marketing feels overwhelming. You’re tired of trying to figure it all out, especially when there are a million and one other competing priorities.

You’ve been burned before by fledgling agencies or inexperienced freelancers.

You’ve seen your hard-earned money go down the drain as a result of some agency with a bark way bigger than their bite. You’re cautious about future investments (understandably), and wary of spending money on campaigns that might not work. This fear holds you back, even though you know the only way you’re going to grow your business is by investing in strategic marketing.

You need exceptional marketing support, but don't have the budget to hire someone in-house.

Hiring a full-time, in-house marketing team is expensive and often out of reach for small or even mid-sized businesses. Salaries, benefits, and overhead costs add up quickly, and the months it takes to source, onboard, and train someone leaves you haemorrhaging money. You need an affordable solution that offers the same level of expertise and cohesion as an in-house team, without the hefty price tag. A solution that integrates seamlessly with your business, providing comprehensive and effective marketing support.

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“We’ve seen amazing results in organic SEO, traffic, website conversions and general user experience – far beyond what we envisaged. This success has allowed us to make strategic business decisions and expand our products and services in ways that would have never been possible with our old site. 5×5 have been by our side the whole way. The 5×5 team honestly take the cake and are the real deal – thank you for doing what you do so well, always answering my constant myriad of questions, going above and beyond and guiding us in the right direction.”

–– Daniel Buckley, HOUSE OF MOUTH

You don't have to do it alone.

Here's what you need 👉🏼
What You Need
Someone to take the stress of generating leads off your plate

If business is like warfare, you want a comrade in arms. A trusted digital partner. Someone who takes the stress of lead generation and growing an online presence off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

An expert marketing team you can count on

You need a crew of specialists who know exactly how to connect you with your dream clients – how to create and optimise an effective digital strategy that continuously puts your business directly in front of those who are ready to engage and buy.

Confidence that every dollar you invest into marketing is actively driving your business forward

You want assurance that your marketing budget is being spent wisely and will generate tangible results – to see the impact and progress made each month, and the trajectory for success.

And of course, explosive results.

No vanity metrics or smoke and mirrors. All that matters to you are real, tangible, explosive results. We’re talking: more hot leads than you know what to do with, engaged enquiries flooding your inbox, new clients booking out your calendar, and cold hard cash in the bank.

Snack Pack

Let us introduce you to the Snack Pack

The digital marketing package for small businesses with an existing website and big growth goals 🚀
Think of the Snack as a delicious taste of our performance-driven digital marketing services. Our expert team supports your business goals by creating a custom strategy that focuses on your choice of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click digital ads management (PPC), or both for total digital domination.
This is an ideal place to start – especially if you have never invested in SEO or paid ads before, OR you haven’t had a great experience with other agencies in the past.
Many of our clients started in that same position, feeling hesitant about engaging an external agency but desperately needing the marketing support to be able to grow their business!
It wasn’t until they came on board with us that they experienced what it’s like to have a true partner – a partner who is as invested in your success as you are.
Search Engine Optimisation is essential if you want your business ranking at the top of Google search results – highly visible to people actively searching for (and interested in) your services. SEO ensures your website is optimised to attract and convert your ideal clients, driving more traffic through your digital door and generating valuable leads for your business. 
Pay-per-click advertising across the Google and Meta Ads networks gets your business in front of more people. More eyes on your business creates more interest in your services, and connects you both with your target audience and with people who might not otherwise be aware of what you have to offer.
If you really want to level up your performance marketing and blow your competitors out of the water, we’ll integrate both SEO and PPC into a cohesive lead generation strategy. This really is the secret sauce for success, delivering high-impact results in the short-term while building a solid foundation for sustainable growth well into the future.
Fast-forward a year from now...

Your success story looks like this.

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You have a consistent flow of high-quality leads that effortlessly convert into loyal customers.
Your business has a powerful online presence that keeps you front and centre in the minds of your dream clients.
You feel confident and empowered knowing that every dollar you invest in digital marketing is working for you.
You have a rock solid strategy in place for sustainable growth and long-term success.
2400+ happy clients

Choose your Snack

Options for each stage of your business journey
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Snack Pack


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Google Ads campaign set up
Meta Ads campaign set up
Conversion-focused ad copy
Visual asset creation (optional)
A/B testing and ads optimisation
Monthly content and copy updates
High-level reporting of key metrics
Per month
Snack Pack


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Intensive audit of existing website
Keyword and competitor analysis
Industry-specific SEO strategy
Optimisation of website content
Build out of new website pages
Google Business Profile management
Monthly reporting and support call
Per month
Snack Pack


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Everything in SEO Snack + PPC Snack
Custom digital advertising strategy
Custom search visibility strategy
Integration of lead-generation strategies
Ongoing optimisation of all campaigns
Dedicated Success Manager
Monthly campaign performance meeting
Per month

Your pathway to digital domination

Here's how it works
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Get more clients with the Snack Pack
The digital marketing package for small businesses with an existing website and big growth goals 🚀
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