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How tasty is your website?

Get your Digital Strategy Scorecard to find out

Your Digital Strategy Scorecard lets you know how much more can be done to increase the leads, enquiries, credibility, and influence of your brand through an online digital solution a.k.a your website and overall online presence.
It may be a little painful to see how much room for improvement there is, but the truth will set you free! In just 5 minutes, you’ll be able to benchmark your current website’s performance and unlock a customised set of easily actionable items you can execute to immediately improve your online strategy, boost your credibility and influence, and generate more leads and enquiries.

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So what on earth are you waiting for?

Its’ Quick! ( No more than 5min)


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We will also occasionally send you the latest strategies and advice to help you nail your online digital presence. Don’t worry, you can opt out of that at any time but we suspect you will find our tips and tricks valuable!

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You'll receive scores and feedback on nine key areas:


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Web Strategy

Your business magic is defined: unique value proposition, competitive analysis and a framework for digital success.

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Logo & Branding

Stunning brand and logo design complete with Style Guide (branding rule book).

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Photography & Video

Your business is brought to life with professional photos and an engaging brand video.

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Your content is written by us to ensure your business is not only found in Google but also converts.

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Website Design

Your visions come to life with an epic website design.

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Website Development

The website of your dreams is a high performing, lead generating, sales machine.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Comprehensive keyword research strategy to drive traffic to your website with detailed monthly reporting and analysis.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Supercharging leads and enquiries through Google and Meta Ads

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Hosting & Support

World class, super fast Google Cloud hosting, unhackable security, fanatical technical support and maintenance.

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How it works?

All you have to do is answer 25 quick and easy questions about your digital marketing. Trust us, we mean easy.

Here’s the thing. You don’t actually need a website. Instead, you need the RESULTS that it generates. We give you the key ingredients to ensure you are found and can convert online.
This is your complete digital solution with all the key ingredients you need, or as we like to say, your burger with the lot.

The end output of your digital scorecard is a comprehensive report on where you are doing well (the ingredients you already have on the grill) and what you need to improve (the special sauce you need to add) to double leads and enquiries in the next 6 months.

It provides benchmarking against the thousands of digital solutions we have delivered and tips on how you can improve your score!

Who are Five by Five?

Five By Five is Australia’s highest rated website design and development, search engine optimisation, and support agency.

Our clients are small to medium businesses located all around the world, that are turning over more than $1million in revenue. We are your trusted digital advisor and partner who fully understands your business and communicates with you in plain English.

We help you share your magic online and by doing so, double your traffic and leads in under 6 months while maintaining a site you are super proud of*. We use great design, robust technology, and ensure each client receives a 5-star experience they can rave to their colleagues and friends about.

​​*Based on a full-service, digital solution – The Burger with the Lot

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