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June 2022
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Who is Benchmark Physio?

Benchmark Physio is a renowned physiotherapy provider in Sydney, offering convenient locations in Earlwood, Revesby, Beverly Hills, Rosebery, and Rose Bay. Since its establishment in 1984, the organisation has expanded to encompass five practices in South-West and East Sydney. The growth into a group of physiotherapy clinics reflects the commitment of Benchmark Physiotherapy to assisting individuals in maintaining optimal health, embracing an active lifestyle, and enjoying life to the utmost!


As trusted and proficient physiotherapists, they possess exceptional skills and offer a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments. The team prioritises utilising established, secure, and successful treatment methods that not only alleviate pain but also address the root causes. Whether individuals have sought various treatments and advice elsewhere without complete resolution of their pain and issues, or if they seek an approach beyond the conventional rest and painkiller regimen commonly prescribed, Benchmark Physio is dedicated to lending a helping hand!

It was time for a refresh

After years of having a website that was old, no longer on brand and with outdated content, the Benchmark Physio team knew it was time for a refresh! The website also had limited functionality, making it harder for the team to build upon the site and express the multiple clinic locations.

As one of Five by Five’s previous clients, they trusted we could get the SEO results they were looking for. Even though we had previously designed and built websites for them, it was still important for us to complete a Web Strategy Workshop to ensure we were on the same page and could achieve the results expected. Let’s just say, we were more than happy to help Benchmark Physio conquer the rankings in Google!

Before & After


The Ingredients of the Burger

As Benchmark Physio was looking to grow the well established business, the ingredients for the perfect burger included:

Web Design & Development

When the Benchmark Physio team was ready to give their website a much needed facelift, they turned straight to Five by Five to get busy. The website design was created with specific goals in mind:

  1. Speak to their target market to ensure it was engaging, informative and helpful
  2. Create a sense of care and trust with users who land on the site
  3. Outrank their competitors as it is an extremely competitive industry
  4. Easy to update and maintain with the help of Five by Five’s Support team

The website was developed with SEO in the forefront of our mind. We ensured the site was fast, included meta data and no clunky plugins that would affect overall performance. When developing the site, the team included the ability to showcase the multiple locations of Benchmark Physio with the use of maps and specific location pages.

Once the site was launched, the SEO team kicked into gear to ensure there was minimal downtime and the site started to rise in rankings. With the use of quality backlinks, carefully crafted content that Google loves and building out more pages on the site, we were able to skyrocket this website into outer space in no time (and we’re still going!).


Campaign after 8 months

Let’s talk about the amazing work we’ve achieved for our client at Benchmark Physio! We had a few high-performing blogs that weren’t initially migrated over after the website launch but we easily added them back in post-launch, and it was a quick win.

We knew the importance of informative content, especially considering the website’s previous authority. So, we focused on building out quality content that would not only attract visitors but also increase our authority even further. We saw a baseline of traffic flowing into the website, and our authority soared to new heights. 

Benchmark Physio has a total of five locations across Sydney, and we didn’t let that go unnoticed. We built out suburb location pages for each of them, and the results have been mind-blowing. All the sub-location pages are ranking on the first page, in turn generating more local traffic to the site than ever before.

Let’s talk about the quality of our content, it’s so good that it doesn’t just rank in Australia, but it’s making waves internationally. Yes, you heard it right – India and the United States are loving our content! That’s why our website’s traffic is skyrocketing because we’re tapping into these international markets. We went above and beyond, even performing and photographing exercises for a blog on knee pain. Check it out in the exercises for knee pain blog. We’re leaving no stone unturned!

Benchmark Physio is hands-on with content creation too, so we provide them with keywords each month, and they take it from there. This collaboration has resulted in an abundance of fresh content being added to the site regularly. This website is always buzzing with new and exciting stuff!

We’re absolutely thrilled with the progress we’ve made and the success we’ve achieved. Benchmark Physio is taking the digital world by storm, and we’re proud to be part of this incredible journey!

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