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December 2021
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Who is Brooke Winter Solicitors?

Brooke Winter Solicitors specialises in Criminal Law, Traffic Law & Domestic Violence and was established 15 years ago. You do not need to be based near one of their offices (on the Gold Coast, Loganholme/Beenleigh, or Hobart); they have a fully mobile service. Brooke Winter Solicitors represent clients around regional Queensland, New South Wales and in any court in Tasmania.

Often, in situations involving legal cases, a large cause of stress is uncertainty. Brooke Winter Solicitors take this seriously and aim for our clients to gain the information they need quickly, even if it is outside office hours. Our team leaves their mobile phones switched on so that you can reach them in an emergency.

Their expert Lawyers will deliver the best legal advice and guidance together with vigorous and fearless representation in any court, no matter what the circumstances.

It was time for a refresh

Brooke Winter Solicitors (BWS) originally reached out to Five by Five with lead generation as the driving factor. The business felt they had dropped the ball in the last few years and were looking to boost their rankings once again. Along with the leads, the business wanted to re-establish itself as the expert and authority in their field.

The team at BWS wanted a website that was a functional tool, easy to navigate with great user experience. They wanted users to feel they could trust the team straight away with their legal matters.

BWS is a family-run business, another goal was to ensure there were enough leads and enquiries coming in so that Brooke, the Founder, could step away and spend more time with his family.

Before & After


The Ingredients of the Burger

As Brooke Winter Solicitors was looking to grow the well established business, the ingredients for the perfect burger included:

The Brooke Winter Solicitors digital burger rollout included:

  • Web design & development
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Hosting and Support

Brooke understood the importance of having a digital strategy that included all of the above. He trusted Five by Five to build a website that spoke to his target audience and had leads and enquiries flooding through the gates

Any legal issues someone might face can be a very emotional time, so it was our goal to ensure users felt in safe hands when landing on the website. This meant filming a brand video to convey BWS’s passion for looking after their clients during a stressful time. The video also walks a user through what to expect when working with BWS and the client journey.

The team at BWS were exceptional at supplying content for the new website. All Five by Five needed to do was review and proofread to ensure it was fit for the web. Our SEO team sprinkled the content with targeted keywords so that the pages would rank highly in Google.

Our SEO team dived right in once the new site was launched, working on making sure Google recognised the new site and started rewarding it by directing traffic to it! The team works monthly to build out more pages, purchase backlinks and post content that converts.

Finally, Brooke and his team relied on our help to host and maintain the website on an ongoing basis. You can consider your website a living thing, so it needs to be well looked after so that it can keep performing!


Campaign after 12 months

The significant increase in organic traffic within a short span of time highlights the effectiveness of various SEO strategies implemented by the team to drive more visitors to the website! A growth of over 70% in just six months and 160% in 12 months is no small feat, so we are proud to showcase these results!

To achieve such substantial growth, several factors might have contributed. First, a comprehensive SEO strategy has been implemented, including optimising on-page elements such as meta tags, headings, and keyword usage. Additionally, off-page SEO efforts such as building high-quality backlinks withing the legal niche has assisted with driving traffic to the website.

Creating high-quality and valuable content, including blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics, has attracted organic traffic by targeting relevant keywords, providing useful information, and establishing the website as an authoritative source in its industry. Promoting this content through social media, email newsletters, and partnerships with other websites has further amplified its reach and impact!

To maintain and further enhance this organic traffic dominance, the Five by Five team continue to implement effective SEO strategies, regularly publishing high-quality content, and monitoring performance metrics.

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