“Have the courage to share what makes you great” The Five by Five philosophy

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What We Do

We create great looking, high performing digital solutions that showcase our clients magic and generate leads so they can focus on what really matters — growing their businesses and making an impact in the world.

We help our clients share their magic online and by doing so, double their traffic and leads in under 6 months while maintaining a site they are super proud of. We use great design, robust technology, content that converts and have award-winning customer service.

We believe in making a difference by being a business for good in our community, helping each client share their magic online, developing leaders in our organisation and having lots of fun along the way.

Like Heart

“Like attracts like”

We are a highly diverse team here at Five by Five. The common thread in each of us are our values. These values are the foundation for everything we stand for. Uncompromising on these values, we hold each other to a high standard and each and every one of us leads by example.

In it together

We have each other’s back. No backstabbing, undermining or ulterior motives. We only lift each other up. Together, we can achieve anything.

Put the client first

We are always “camping out” in our customers' minds. Our clients’ best interests are the heart of all our decisions. We bend over backwards to make sure they are happy.

Innovate for good

Our solutions solve problems, are aligned to our mission and create a positive impact in the world.

Empathy over ego

We strive to build an inclusive and accepting culture in which everyone can achieve great things.

Extreme ownership

We take personal responsibility for how we physically and mentally show up each day. We act like business owners — with commitment, determination, and a strong bias for taking action.

Operate with Integrity

Trust above all else. We do what we say we are going to do and always follow through. We have the courage to manifest our values in action.

The biggest leverage point that any business owner has is their team.

For almost 7 years, Jon ran Five by Five from his bedroom as a “one man” show.

Fti Jon Img

Jon Hollenberg


He did the sales, web design, web development, customer service, and accounts, all while working in his boardshorts.

As a one man show, Jon had plenty of work but reached a ceiling very quickly and maxed out the revenue generation potential for Five by Five. Not just revenue, Jon also maxed out his ability to provide value to his clients and was turning away businesses he desperately wanted to help share their magic online.

A big part of growing the business into a flourishing team delivering thousands of websites over the last decade was Jon learning how to be a leader.

It didn’t come easy, but through lots of trial and error he shaped himself into someone that other people felt inspired to be around and want to follow.

Since then Jon has devoted his entire existence in the business to finding amazing people that are smarter and better than him in their chosen fields. Better designers, developers, project managers and most importantly, better leaders.

Our team are constantly pushed to be the leaders in their department and Jon enjoys coaching and mentoring us towards this. He says he now comes to us for ideas, input, and inspiration. The entire team is trusted and allowed to work their brilliance every day.

Together, the team now delivers a far better product and customer experience than Jon ever used to by himself!

Now all Jon’s satisfaction comes from seeing the team kick goals and succeed without him in the day to day running of the show. He is left to work on big picture ideas to further grow and scale Five by Five.

However, we still rely on Jon to play a vital part in the company, his experience and mentorship is highly sought after by multiple team members. Now known as our ‘Head Coach’, Jon’s role is to mentor the team, not only for professional development, but as a friend too.

The crewTheir words

Stories from our crew


What it's like working at Five by Five.

When you join Five by Five, you’re joining a family of 40+ people who get excited to see you win. To ensure you’re able to do your best work, it’s our goal to create an environment you can excel in.

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Win Living on cloud five
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Book a holiday from a holiday

When you join Five by Five, you’re joining a family of 40+ people who get excited to see you win. To ensure you’re able to do your best work, it’s our goal to create an environment you can excel in.

Cri Portfolio

Work where you’re most productive

Most of our team will work remotely a couple days a week, with Mondays being our only mandatory office day to kick off the week together. We don’t mind where our people work, as long as they are comfortable, get the job done and are happy.

Cri Bonfire

Do what needs to be done to get the result

You get out what you put in. Put 100% effort and focus into everything you do.

Cri Chat

Talk it out, proactively

A problem shared is a problem halved! There will always be someone in the team who has been there and done and learnt the lesson. Lean on your teammates and leaders and don’t bottle it up or try to go it alone.


Open positions.

We don’t have any vacant positions right now, but if you’d like to submit your resume for a future vacancy, click the link below!

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Cri Open Position Img Carla
SEOFull timeGold Coast

SEO Strategist

We are currently on the hunt for a resident SEO Strategist who will showcase their analytical (logical side) and marketing (creative side) skills on the daily! These skills will play a key role in helping you implement SEO strategies to improve our client’s online visibility, rankings, leads, sales and overall digital strategy. As a result, you’ll be helping grow our clients’ business - how exciting! Our Head of SEO will guide you through the role and you’ll also have the support of our amazing SEO team to answer any of those burning questions. Working alongside this vibrant bunch, you will spend your time prepping reports, completing keyword research, onboarding new clients, creating blogs or website service pages, identifying quality backlinks, creating or managing Google Business Profiles, and a whole lot more!
More about this opportunity
CONVERSIONFull timeGold Coast

Sales Manager

We are on the hunt for a results-oriented sales leader with a proven track record of growing, scaling and nurturing a sales team. Someone who knows how to grow and lead sales professionals to drive business revenue goals all while ensuring an exceptional 5 Star customer experience.

As the sales team leader, you will also dedicate time to building and maintaining strong relationships, ensuring the integrity of the Five by Five brand is upheld. With a perfect blend of strategic planning, team management, and client and partner interaction, each day presents new opportunities for account growth and achievement, making this role both dynamic and rewarding.
More about this opportunity
ProjectsFull TimeGold Coast

Projects & Content Assistant

Eager to become a pivotal part of the Five by Five Projects team as a Project and Content Assistant, where you’ll provide crucial support to the successful and efficient delivery of all projects? Keep reading to find out how this role could be yours.

Variety is the spice of life in this position, you’ll have the opportunity to be a pivotal part of our client’s digital success. You will do everything from writing and reviewing content copy, supporting our Lead Project Manager and all while working alongside a solutions driven team!"

If you’re skilled in the art of copywriting, with a passion for project management and client success, this opportunity offers a unique chance to thrive in a hybrid-style position while contributing to our agency’s continued growth and success in a dynamic industry.
More about this opportunity
MarketingFull timeGold Coast

Marketing Coordinator

We are seeking a dynamic and talented Marketing Coordinator to join our team. As the Marketing Coordinator at Five by Five, you will play a crucial role in supporting our social media marketing efforts, content creation, email marketing campaigns (EDMs), search engine optimisation (SEO), and data analytics.

This position offers a fantastic opportunity for growth and learning in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Working alongside our Head of Marketing, you will collaborate to ensure our brand is consistent across all marketing platforms and you are drumming up leads and enquiries for our Strategy team.
More about this opportunity
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Up and to the right.

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We’ve seen double-digit growth over the last two years, and we’re just getting started. We’re committed to becoming Australia’s leading award winning digital agency who help businesses grow and scale.

Our clients are small to medium businesses that are turning over $1 million in revenue located all around the world, who are in need of a trusted digital advisor who understands their business and communicates in plain English.

Our 10 year goal is to work with over 500 clients annually and help make an impact in our community by donating 1% of profit to charity. 🤘

Our mission is to not only grow our business but grow our people as well. Here at Five by Five we are constantly looking for opportunity and facing those turning points of change head on, and embracing development and improvement.

We are always looking forward to how we can be bigger and better, as a company for our clients and for our employees.

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