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The battle of the plumbers – snagging the top in Google for the toughest industry

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October 2021
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Let’s start at the beginning

DCM Plumbing and Drainage was started by Dean and Gill Mathews in 2005 on the Gold Coast. Entering a saturated market, they have made it their mission to become Gold Coast’s best plumber and with over 800 Google reviews, they have become well known in the community for providing outstanding service every time.

It had been six years since their old website launched, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. The old site was generating traffic, however, these didn’t convert to quality leads and enquiries. DCM Plumbing & Drainage enlisted the help of Five by Five to fix this blockage and snag them the elusive top spot on Google.

Who is DCM Plumbing & Drainage?

When Gill & Dean first established DCM, they focussed on new homes only but soon realised there was vast potential to tap into the world of maintenance plumbing and working with Real Estate agents.

Now, DCM boasts a team of experienced Plumbers and friendly Customer Service Officers. The team has put a huge focus on removing the stigma of tradespeople which includes never being on time, always messy and rude service. DCM pride themselves on their exceptional customer service, and this is clearly evident through their 1,000+ 5 star google reviews.

The trades sector is incredibly saturated, on the Gold Coast in particular, and can be quite the challenge to successfully break into. However, DCM have flushed through with their dedication in providing exceptional customer experience. They are now one of the top plumbers on the Gold Coast.

It was time for a refresh

The original DCM Plumbing website was built over six years ago and wasn’t offering a great user experience or converting the traffic coming to the website. In addition, the site had some pretty dodgy links which in turn was hurting their authority score.

After working with another agency who wasn’t able to boost these conversions, DCM looked to work with an agency who could produce the results they were looking for! DCM came in with high expectations and clearly defined outcomes and goals for their business. Dean and Gill knew exactly what they wanted from the very beginning. They even came prepared with a drafted site map and brief so it was clear they were ready to go from the initial meeting.

Before & After


The Ingredients of the Burger

DCM Plumbing was after a delicious Burger with The Lot, which included:

Web Design & Development

The first step in the process was to head out to their warehouse in Burleigh where we had an epic day of a photo and videoshoot. The DCM tradies were more comfortable with pipes and spanners so it took a few test shots before we got to see the crew loosen up and really enjoy themselves! In the end, we captured the team spirit and culture perfectly, we actually think one of the plumbers had a career change after this day!

Dean and Gill wanted to really get their history and story across in the video. We had the interview questions ready and Dean smashed through a voiceover –  which now ultimately catches the hearts of users jumping on the website.

The next step in the process was to make sure the Copy on the website was up to scratch! Gill was a fantastic writer, however, the Five by Five sprinkle was added to ensure it was content that could convert, and structured in a way that was  perfect for the website.

Our creative flare was up next as we dove into design a killer new website for DCM Plumbing. We had a clear brief from Dean and Gill who wanted a site that was easy to navigate, full of eye-catching imagery and animations that brought the site into this decade. The initial design concept was sent to Dean & Gill who were thrilled to see their vision come to life. We had workshops through the homepage design and internal page design stages. We consistently worked together with DCM to ensure both they were stoked and our team had a great foundation for the ongoing SEO work. As you can see below, it’s a huge step forward for the team:

Our team dove straight into building the site and included WooCommerce to make purchasing parts a whole lot easier for both clients and the DCM crew when they are out on site. We also included a chat bot, a link to their stellar google reviews and integration with their CRM.

Once the site was launched (a huge celebration for DCM and our team) the fun really started to kick in! Check out the results below of the SEO team working their magic implementing strategies and getting results for Dean & Gill far beyond their expectations.


We have monthly meetings with the clients to go over our report results from the month and to gain insight from an industry expert on topical new content ideas. For example, this blog (https://dcmplumbing.com.au/how-to-unblock-stormwater-drain/) was written just before the start of the wet season. The blog now ranks for 165 keywords, with 35 keywords in position 1-3 (and ranked this way throughout the wet season).

Optimising the Google Business Profile fully, we were able to target keywords such as ‘Gold Coast plumber’ (highly competitive), ‘blocked drains Gold Coast’, ‘hot water systems Gold Coast’, etc. for those searching in the Gold Coast area. As of 20/9/22 DCM Plumbing is in the top three positions in the local pack for:

  • Gold Coast plumber
  • blocked drains
  • leak detection
  • burst pipe

And also page 1 of Australia for 

  • Gold Coast plumber
  • blocked drains
  • leak detection
  • burst pipe

Along with a number of other keywords, DCM also managed to get to the top three organically and in the local pack, we saw organic traffic almost double and with conversions also following the same trend:


In addition, adding new and engaging content (along with other strategies) allowed DCM to rank more than double the amount of keywords the site ranked in the previous 12 months.

One very happy client!

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