What Does A Good Web Designer Do & What Should They Cost?

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What Does A Good Web Designer Do & What Should They Cost?

If you feel like you don't know anything about what web designers do and how much a website will cost you, then this one’s for you!

We know it can be intimidating to start something new, especially something as important as your business website. You might not know where to begin.

To find the best web designers for you, we suggest starting with Google reviews to see if other people are saying good things. Then look at the designer’s portfolio of work and decide if you would be happy with a website of a similar quality or caliber. See if they walk the walk and not just talk the talk!

But before you put yourself out there and enquire, we will answer all the questions you might be too scared to ask when it comes to the cost of creating a professional website… so you don’t have to!

What does a web designer do?

As some of the best web designers in Australia, we make sure we have an intimate understanding of you and then make sure that you share your true magic and brilliance with the world in the form of a great looking website. 

To build a website properly, ultimately you need a tried and tested process and methodology. We have 15 years of experience in building websites and use what we call a design first approach.

We prototype each and every web page by a really high level process of wire framing. Then we put a design layer on top of that.  

Think of it like building a house. If you go and change the architecture or the overall structure and layout once it’s been built, it’s going to be even more expensive to change. 

It’s no different with a website. We want to make sure we get all the design adjustments and iterations up front. We will present what the website will look like on screen at 100% to each one of our clients… before we’ve even written a first line of code!

It’s very much a collaborative approach to building websites where you feel like you have input in and around the layout. You are also able to give us meaningful feedback on the design before we get stuck into the development.

Why does a good website cost so much?

The reason why we charge what we do is simply because of the sheer volume of hours that go into a project. 

Even an entry level website, on average, has about 150 to 200 hours of manpower behind it by the time you factor in all the project management, design, development, content input, quality assurance, all the onsite search engine optimisation (SEO), and making sure that the website looks good on all your mobile devices. 

So if someone’s not spending that amount of time making a website, then you’ve really got to ask the question: is my website doing what it needs to do? 

From a longevity perspective, a high performing and great looking website is an investment.

Is there any way I can make my website more affordable?

There is potentially a way to reduce your investment if your site involves a high volume of data entry that can be done by you.

But remember, we don’t usually recommend cutting corners! The best thing to do is to chat to our sales team and see if this is an option for you.

Can I have my website designed by you and then made elsewhere?

We have found that doing this removes the true value that we deliver in our end to end solution. 

Our Five by Five team can put together an incredible design, but if you hire an external developer, the build execution can be extremely poor. This leaves you disappointed and out of pocket. 

We have engineered our processes to be completely seamless from start to finish and our entire team is aligned to the outcome of the project. We will nail it!

Can my website be built for free?

If you have all the skills required to code a website from scratch then you can totally make it happen for free! Otherwise, there’s a bunch of cheaper tools or services out there like Squarespace or Shopify.

But you need to remember that if you go down this path, you are forever locked to the software and template you choose. If you wanted to be in total control of your website, you would have to get it rebuilt in WordPress.

That is what our approach is; it’s what we call ‘self hosted. We design and build your own install of WordPress that lives on your hosting account and belongs solely to you.

Do I have to pay anything extra after my website is built?

We would love to be part of your life long into the future! It makes sense to have someone like us around so that we can continue to maintain and improve your website over time. 

For that exact reason, we have a support package in which we physically host the website and run a monthly maintenance regime for WordPress core and plugin updates. 

You also have the ability to submit small support requests where our team will quickly and efficiently solve your problems and respond to your questions. Essentially, we will be your safety net long into the future!

Why should I invest money in my website?

If built well, your website is an investment that will potentially last three to five years. Ultimately, it is your digital shopfront online and should be your hardest working salesperson!

You can break down the total cost of running your website to a few thousand dollars a year over its lifetime, which can be a small investment in the broader scheme of things. 

Especially if your website is consistently spitting out good quality leads and enquiries (which our sites do, of course!). 

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