Do I own my website once you build it?

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Do I own my website once you build it?

Ummm, yes.

You would sure as heck hope so.

You have just exchanged some hard earned money for what is hopefully a great tool that is going to bring a ton of business through your door.  So you should have every right to the ownership of this.

The awesome thing is that we use WordPress (the software driving your site).

It is open source which means it can be bundled up and moved around to the host of your choice giving you plenty of options.

On launching of your site you will be given SFTP details and full administrative access to WordPress.  This means you are always in control and never at the mercy of a web designer.

At the end of the day you have options.

We want to keep working with our clients for a long time into the future but if they ever want to move, we make it very easy.

But a lot of the time this always the case.

We hear lots of horror stories of web designers holding clients to ransom.

So always make sure you are in control and can get out of a business relationship at any time.

For more information about why WordPress rocks check out this post 8 reasons why WordPress will rock your world


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