WordPress Web Development Trends Say 2021 Is The Year Of The Data

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Obviously the face-to-face part of business has become more challenging in Australia in 2021. Where the digital space is really providing value is through clever WordPress web development and the ways you can now connect with your prospective clients and website visitors, but also allow them to self-serve on their own terms. This is what we call hyper personalised marketing.

You see this in all social media and subscription services these days, for example, you open up Netflix and you have show recommendations tailored specifically to your tastes.

You go to Amazon and they have product suggestions for you. You check your inbox and there’s emails that have related products to what you’ve purchased. This is hyper-personalised marketing, and this is largely being driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Computers seem to know more about you than you know about yourself sometimes!

Never before have you had so much data as a business owner in terms of what your clients are doing, how they’re interacting with our digital platforms, and what they’re looking at. The end result is you have a much richer way of being able to provide an amazing customer experience through your web development.

So these are the opportunities that are afforded to you, and we live in an era where customers expect you to understand their exact wants and needs. And those expectations continue to rise, and so does the amount of competition you have.

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How To Collect Data For Market Research Through Your Website

When we talk about this concept, collecting data for market research, what does that actually look like from an implementation perspective and how can we apply these concepts to websites, specifically through WordPress website development?

Coral Homes are one of Australia’s largest home builders and have been in business for 31 years. In 2020 alone they built more than 1500 homes. We started developing and building their website as the pandemic began and new home building started to go crazy here in Australia. 

What Coral Homes saw in March 2021 was thousands of people scrambling to get quotes for new builds in time for the April deadline for the Home Builder Grant application.

We had just happened to launch their brand new WordPress website in March this year and the cool thing about their website is it provides instant, customised quotations on hundreds of home designs.

It factors in more than 200 home designs, different configuration options, and then the permutations on the facades and the finishes. It also includes different offers that are running at different times, and offers that are only available in certain geographical locations.

We were able to put together a platform and a system in order for them to facilitate that through their website, saving so much time, money and manpower! 

Basically, the Coral Homes website can pump out a personalised brochure (yes, it even has your name on it!) that gives you a fixed price quote on a home. They aren’t the first to do quoting through their website but they are the first to do this level of personalisation. Exciting stuff!

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These Web Development Services Work For You And Your Customers

Imagine a young couple that are going through the home building process, there’s a lot of information to consume and it can be overwhelming.

So depending on the block that they’re working with, essentially they can see the floor plan and go through the different design options. So maybe they want a media room, maybe they want a guest bedroom, or they want a fifth bedroom. There’s the ability to customise all these different options and the best part is, it’s all in their own time!

Obviously, they have 200 plus different home designs to sift through and people are going to realise this and they’re going to get overwhelmed. We built the ability to be able to save the houses in a wishlist for side by side comparison.

The WordPress web development actually identifies where they physically are located through an IP lookup and it then matches that against the postcode database.

Then they are able to download an instant quote and their information is fed through to Coral Homes’ CRM software, Pardot and allows them to effectively communicate with their target audience.

The website is acting like a front-facing sales person doing all the initial heavy lifting, and the young couple are now approaching Coral Homes asking what the next steps are to book in their dream home for the dream price.

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Why This Is The Future Of Web Design And Development

If we look at the actual results, how has this website development actually affected their business? Traffic has gone up 44%.

We launched the WordPress website in March, 2021 and there is usually a little dip in traffic while you make friends with Google. But once Google recognises the new site, you can see traffic just skyrocketed. One of the big factors that Google looks at is engagement, and you can see that the website is certainly an engaging one! 

This website development has had a tremendous impact from a traffic perspective, but more importantly, sales leads have increased by over 58% in the last four months. There are lots of different factors at play here and digital is just one of those.

With lockdowns still happening across Australia this year, people have got a lot more time on their hands and they can’t physically go and see someone. So this website has been a real asset for Coral Homes.

The wrap
Web Development Wrap-up
In summary

If you’re still scratching your head saying, “I still don’t get this. I’m unsure where to start”, your engagement process is the low hanging fruit for WordPress web development. 

How does someone either get in touch through your website or start some sort of sales conversation or engagement conversation? 

Reflect on your products, your services, and how the geographical location could potentially affect that.

Would you like your website to remember repeat visits and selections? Does a lot of your target audience speak another language? 

If you’re struggling to balance the beauty and the brains of your web development, then contact us and we can help you create the functional and gorgeous website of your dreams!

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