Why Your Partner Should Be Doing A Web Strategy Workshop.

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Why Your Partner Should Be Doing A Web Strategy Workshop.

Why your digital partner should be doing a web strategy workshop.

So here at 5×5 we help businesses just like yours share your unique magic with the world through the power of your website.

And similar to building a house you wouldn’t pick up the tools until you get a really complete understanding of what it is you’re delivering as part of the project and what the outcomes are you’re trying to achieve.

We have a strategy first approach.

This allows us to really dig into who you are, what you do, who you do it for and ultimately what you need this website to achieve for your business.

Is it a validation piece?

Is it for credibility?

Are we selling products through a digital shop front or are we building a machine that day in and day out delivers more leads and enquiries for your business?

As part of the 90 minute fact finding session, we’re going to really put ourselves in the business owner’s shoes.

So ideally at the end of this we’re going to have a very clear plan of attack.

We’ll know exactly what the site structure is, we’ll know the cost associated with the strategy and of course the timeline for the build.

So book yourself in for a web strategy workshop and we can together build a custom digital plan for your business.

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