When An Automotive Website Design Project Hits Red Line {Case Study}

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Automotive Mechanic WebsiteDon’t you just love it when a plan comes together?

You bust your guts.

Put in the hard yards.

And then reap the rewards.

That is exactly what happened recently with a client who operates in the automotive industry.

They are recognised as one of Australia’s leading second hand auto parts supplier of new, used and reconditioned car parts for a wide range of different makes and models.

The Managing Director of the business came to us with a brief which was simple.

“I want the phone to ring more and an inbox full of enquiries”

Initially they were very sceptical about making an $10K+ investment in a new automotive website designer. Fast forward 12 months on and they are pretty stoked with the outcome. In terms of results it has generated for the business, the new website has paid for itself many, many times over.

Historically the old site didn’t have any real page depth with only around 5 or so pages describing their products and services. It had never been a source of new leads or enquiries. It wasn’t performing well and generating minimal organic traffic via Google.

After completing the re-design process, here is a snapshot of the traffic for the past 12 months:

Automotive Website Design

Compare this to the previous 12 months period and traffic is up over 200% across the board.


This has had a solid impact with lots of leads and enquiries flowing through to the business via the website with over 85% of all traffic coming from search engine optimisation.Organic Search


We attribute the success of this new website to the following factors:


Site Architecture

The real key here is to:

  • Ensure each Car Make & Model has its own individual page
  • Further break this down by Year ranges of each Make & Model
  • Each page is jam packed full of unique content that lists all the parts including:
    • Engines
    • Transmissions
    • Panels
    • Mechanical
    • Common issues the car faces
  • Ideally over 1000 words exist on each page
  • Lots of deep linking within the site

If the web developer can get the web design structure right and you are halfway there!


The hard work comes in populating the content.

There was no shortcut here.

Roll up the sleeves and get on with it sort of work. And that is just what the client’s team did.

A key part here is to invest the time to actually write unique content for each page. This may sound like a massively time consuming task but ultimately that is what Google is looking for.

It continues to be a work in progress but now the process has been proven (in the fact that the website spits out lead and enquiries on a daily basis), they know that any time and effort spent on doing this will reap the rewards.


It goes without saying that the user experience needed to be a good one.

If you are driving a heap of traffic to a sub-standard website, it won’t convert.

Through the use of good clean design, a fast loading site and strong calls to action it gets the phone ringing and emails flowing through.


When it comes to generating leads and enquiries, in under 8 months of writing this, the client has had over 1,000 email submissions requesting parts:

Form Enquiries

Not too shabby if we don’t say so ourselves!

The reality is that these results can be replicated a wide range of industries (not just car website design).

No black magic here, just a solid strategy coupled with some good old fashioned work.

If you want to have a chat about how we can clog your inbox full of enquiries and get the phone ringing off the hook, get in touch!

5×5 has a lot of experience as an automotive website builder and mechanic website design.

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