The Elements of a High Converting Dental Website

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The Elements of a High Converting Dental Website

BEWARE! This article may contain many bad dental puns.

Dentist Funny

Over the past 2 years we have delivered many websites across a wide range of sectors.

The dentistry industry is one particular profession we have “drilled” down into launching over 20 sites in the past 12 months making Five by Five one of the leaders in digital marketing and dental website design in Australia.

Because we have launched so dentist websites many of these sites we know what it takes to build a great online presence that not only “has a winning smile” but gets bookings through the door.

Now I know dentists aren’t always the most popular of people. Most dentists tend to “get on everybody’s nerves”. But you should always be kind to your dentist because he has “fillings” too.

OK, I will stop now 🙂 Maybe just one more…

“Brace yourself”, here are a 3 characteristics of dental websites that get results:


Use good modern design principles which appeal to your target audience. Don’t be scared of using white space in your layout. Simplicity is the key when it comes to good design.

And please, please, please don’t fill your dental website with nothing but stock photography. Invest the time and money to get a photographer to come and do a custom photoshoot. This includes professional headshots of each of the staff. The end result will be a much more polished and unique looking website.

For more information about photography, visit this post.



For some people reading about oral health & hygiene or dental practices or is akin to watching paint dry but there is real opportunity here to innovate. Make your content interesting, practical and engaging. Inject your personality into your content (ideally in video format). Instead of having the conversation in a 1:1 format with your patients while they are sitting in the chair, do this in a much wider leveraged format through your website.

Creating useful, helpful content consistently will help with:

  • Establishing yourself as an authority in the local area
  • Give you a boost on Google from a search engine optimisation perspective
  • Give you content to share on your social media and newsletters



It is one thing having a ridiculously good looking website but does it convert and get prospective patients to raise their hand and get in touch? All call to actions throughout your website should be geared towards this.

Ensure that your dental website includes:

  • Your phone number on the top right hand corner of every page
  • Your address with a clickable link to Google Maps (making it easy for someone on their mobile phone to get directions when visiting)
  • Your opening hours (usually in the footer)
  • The ability to book in online


Below are some sample websites for dentists which use these characteristics:

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Holly Turkington
Content Creation Genius

Holly started her career in Television production for Sky Sports in New Zealand, after completing her degree in Television and Journalism. After moving to the sunny Gold Coast 4 years ago, Holly branched out into the world of digital marketing and content creation.

Writing subjects were always Holly’s favourites through school and uni and when she

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