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Our old website video that sits on our homepage was getting a bit long in the tooth.

We enlisted the help of our video production partner Electric Bubble which they shot onsite at our Gold Coast HQ.

We think it came together a treat!

So why would you make the effort to do this?

The Power of a Corporate Web Design Video

Having a video front and centre on your website is a very, very powerful tool.

Video on your web page is the perfect way to look your prospects in the eye and talk to them direct. You can’t hide behind fancy graphics and design. You are in plain view for all to see.

Most business owners are very good at converting a prospect when they get them on the phone. In a similar approach prospects have the ability to get to know you on a much more intimate level. People feel they can trust you as they have seen you for who you are, a likeable, approachable and trustworthy person who is helping to try and solve their problems.

By putting yourself in plain view you are building trust and rapport and laying the groundwork for the sale. When the prospect is ready to reach out and get in touch, they feel that they already know you. The conversation just tends to flow. Not as much time is required to build a bond and it is a much quicker path to a sale.

Another benefit is that user engagement is much higher. Visitors will spend more time on a website that contains video. In this fresh content you can show off your personality as a business, further deepening the connection with your audience.

Video is a huge leverage point in most businesses which is often under utilised.

The video that you create once can then sell for you on your website over and over again (this is called evergreen content). You as an individual can be replicated many times over. Can you imagine trying to give that same presentation day in day out in person?

It is much quicker to produce once you have a production system in place compared to writing a blog post. All you need to do is think it and say it!

Oh, and Google love video.

The barriers to entry are a little higher when it comes to video due to the added steps required to create it.

Therefore Google holds websites that contain it in much higher regard and assign more value to your posts.

The other great thing is Google actually provide videos in their search results which have a much higher click through as the thumbnail attracts the searcher’s eyes. This helps drive targeted traffic to your content.

Web Design Video

Video can be repurposed

Due to the simple fact that a video contains both text and visuals, it can be repurposed. This means that by recording a video once, audio and text can be created as a by-product. The audio can be stripped and converted to a podcast. In addition, audio can also be transcribed by physically typing out the text which was just spoken. As Google’s primary focus is still text-based search, by recording the video you have just created lots of great keyword-rich content which will get you found.

Looking for more video inspiration used on websites?

Here are a bunch of other videos we have shot recently.


Marketing Consultant:

Cleaning Company:

Day Spa:

Our Video Transcription.

A website is typically the first interaction that a buyer will have with a business.

They go to Google, punch in a search phrase and pops the website.

You literally have a few seconds to make a good impression otherwise they are going to go elsewhere.

Ultimately we want that prospect to raise their hand and get in touch.

The power of having a great website is having an asset that leverages the business owner or the team.

The website should be the hardest member of the team laying the groundwork initially so that when someone does get in touch, it is warm conversation and a quicker path to the sale.

My name is Jon Hollenberg and I am the owner of Five by Five.

We specialise in building great looking, high performing websites that bring in more leads and enquiries for our clients.

We are known as one of Australia’s leading WordPress design & development agencies.

We can double a clients traffic and leads and enquiries in under 6 months and deliver a site they are super proud of.

We started Five by Five 13 years ago building websites in my board shorts.

We have grown to a team of 20+ people.

Culture is a massive driver here at Five by Five and something we are very proud of.

It is an honour and a privilege to work amongst such passionate individuals who care deeply for the outcomes we are getting for our clients.

My real focus as a business owner is to ensure the team are well equipped, educated, have all the tools but most importantly the drive and motivation to ensure we go the extra mile for our customers.

If our staff are fulfilled personally then they are going to take that energy to the projects we are working on.

Ultimately I am leading by example in terms of how show up each day being the best version of myself. If you speak to any of the staff here they will say I am always trying push to the next level personally, professionally, physically and emotionally.

Environment dictates performance and we have built a high performance workplace where everyone is able to get an immense degree of happiness and satisfaction from .

We will spend a lot of time digging deep into our clients businesses.

Who they are.

What they do.

Who they do it for.

And ultimately how they will measure the success and the outcomes they want to achieve.

And then match that to a web strategy that consists of.

Good design.

Great technology and tools.

And an ongoing plan to ensure we are able to consistently deliver results and get a return on their investment.

Our clients are like family members.

We have such an in-depth, intimate relationship with them knowing them very, very well. We see the progress they make in growing their businesses and we like to think that we have been a big part of that journey with them.

There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction that we have been able to have an impact to them achieving their goals both personally and professionally off the back of a great web strategy that has been well executed and is getting the results they wanted which was to get the phone ringing and stack of leads flowing through.

About the author
Jon Hollenberg
With over 20 years experience within the web industry, Jon is an expert in online marketing and online growth strategies. Over the last ten years he has worked with iconic brands such as Qantas, Jeep and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary plus hundreds of other businesses Australia wide. Jon is a published author of "Love at first site - How to build the website of your dreams".
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