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Unleash Your Digital Potential With a Dash of Strategy

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Jon Hollenberg
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Peter Carter
Five by Five
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A proven recipe for digital marketing success.

In our latest Lunch & Learn session, Peter Carter, our Senior Digital Strategist joins Jon Hollenberg (Founder and Owner) to share their expertise and provide insights on how to create a powerful online presence with a well thought out digital strategy.

Peter brings a unique blend of experience, starting his career in the broadcasting booths across Australia, where his voice filled the airwaves for an impressive 17 years.

There he noticed that many companies were spending a lot of money on radio ads, but their websites didn’t match the quality of their brand. Peter believed he could help fix this problem, and that’s when he joined us five years ago, and we’ve never looked back.

At Five by Five, we build great-looking, high-performing websites, and are known as one of the Gold Coast & Australia’s leading WordPress web design & SEO agencies. We have 16+ years of experience in the web design industry. If you or your business need a new, high-performing digital solution, then contact us today and find out why we have 200+ 5* Google reviews. 

Check out some snippets below!

A website alone is not enough

A website alone is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to digital marketing success. To be truly successful you need more than just a website – you need results. 

You want your phones ringing, products selling, and increased demand for your products or services. Converting website traffic into actual calls and sales.

Crafting a digital marketing strategy

If you contact us as a new client today we’d kick off the process by understanding what success looks like for you. We will establish your dream of growing your business, with your website playing a key role. This will give us a solid foundation for working together.

Next, we’ll dive straight into analysing your website on Google. We look at where you operate, what services you offer, and who your clients are, getting to the heart of what makes you unique. 

And based on what we discover we then shape a strategy that fits your business goals like a glove.

Utilising Semrush for insights

Five by Five webinar on digital strategy

To understand the hidden details of your current digital footprint, we use our trusty tool, Semrush

  • It tells us how your website is performing and where you’re at in your digital journey

  • It also reveals how you stack up against the competition on Google.

This information helps us gather insights for the structure of the website (sitemap) that will be the blueprint for your new, improved online home.

Digging into SEO keyword research

Keyword Research

Next, our SEO squad dives in, dissecting the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keyword research. 

We dig down to the finest details, find the quickest wins with your keywords, and start setting the focus and supporting keywords for each page. 

Ensuring that there’s an individual landing page for each topic we want to cover on the website.

This not only refines and articulates the user journey around that topic but is also beneficial for Google. 

Google doesn’t handle an overload of content across multiple topics well. It prefers laser-focused content on a specific topic.

Crafting the right content

Getting your website content spot on is crucial, and that’s where the finer details make all the difference. Our SEO team dives into these particulars to ensure the content we create sends a clear signal to Google—you’re the leading authority on the subject.

Our approach for each page is simple yet effective: we focus on one topic, packed with all the compelling details about a specific product or service. We also make sure to highlight one or two main keywords per page for maximum impact.

But our tech enthusiasm doesn’t stop there.

  • We ace the H1, H2, and H3 tags, giving each page the perfect structure.
  • We load each page with a minimum of 500 words, going in-depth on the topic.
  • To grab the attention of search engines, we spruce up title tags, meta descriptions, and FAQs. We even inject unique images and videos to keep the content engaging.
  • We strategically place calls to action throughout the content to encourage your users to connect.
  • Stepping it up, we design location-specific pages. This strategy targets unique keywords for each area, increasing your visibility.

Balancing performance and experience

Drawing a crowd to your website is just the opening act. The headliner is turning these visitors into customers. It’s much like a delicate dance – because focusing too much on one aspect could potentially throw off the other. For instance, you could have a stripped-back, lightning-fast website that’s as exciting as watching paint dry. 

That’s why we blend in elements like videos, eye-catching visuals, and top-tier photography. They may add a bit of weight that could impact the website’s speed, but it’s all about creating a user experience that’s worth sticking around for. 

We make it our mission to strike the right balance between performance and experience.

A powerful tool - Hotjar

Another tool we use to crack the code of user behaviour is Hotjar. This tool is like a high-tech spyglass, letting us observe and analyse how visitors interact with your website.

Through screen recordings, Hotjar showcases the user journey in a ‘warts and all’ fashion, painting a vivid picture of how visitors navigate a site. 

This, in turn, shines a spotlight on potential roadblocks or opportunities for enhancement and optimisation.

Armed with these insights, we tweak, refine, and perfect the user experience, ultimately boosting conversion rates and your overall website performance. 

It’s a powerful way to ensure that the websites we build don’t just look great, but also deliver tangible results.

Unlocking the secrets of an awesome web page

If you feel like diving deeper to see these concepts in real life, feel free to take a virtual stroll through the website we built for Chapman Yachting

Based in Sydney, these folks are big-time players in yacht hire, management, recruitment services, and sales. 

They wanted to make a bigger splash in their field and increase the visibility of their offerings but their old website was starting to look a bit shipwrecked. We crafted a top-notch site for them!

You’ll find key info, like the company’s backstory and services, easy to spot. Dynamic interactions enhance user experience and build trust, and an online portal greases the wheels for yacht sales.

We kept a keen eye on balancing tempting visuals with SEO-rich content. And tossed in features like social media feeds, blog content, email sign-ups, and location markers to drive traffic and turn lookers into bookers. 

For a touch of credibility, we sprinkled in logos of brand partners and industry bigwigs. 

All in all, this website is a combination of appealing design, user-friendly functionality, and a kick-ass digital strategy.

Our web strategy workshop

We hope you’ve enjoyed diving into these insights, and discovering how we can supercharge your digital potential with just the right touch of strategy.

As you can see, a website is not a set-and-forget project but rather a living, evolving tool that requires constant adaptation to better serve your visitors. 

To help you navigate this ever-changing digital landscape, we offer our Website Strategy Workshop led by Peter Carter and Lael Batoon. 

This immersive workshop is designed to provide valuable insights and guidance, giving your business the boost it needs. 

We’re eager to craft a custom-made strategy just for you that will take your website to new heights. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more. We’re always ready to help! You can even take our Digital Strategy Scorecard to get started.

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