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The power of ChatGPT and how to maximise its potential

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Jon Hollenberg
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Staying ahead in the AI marathon isn’t merely a luxury but an absolute necessity. The tech world is moving at lightning speed, and it’s crucial to keep up. That’s why this month’s Lunch and Learn session, we unpacked something special to keep you in that sweet AI loop.

Our in-house AI enthusiasts and digital marketing experts, Jon Hollenberg – the brainchild behind Five by Five, and Oliver Baker (Ollie) – the person responsible for driving hordes of traffic to websites, teamed up to take you through the vibrant streets of AI-ville, unveiling the art of perfect priming and prompting to unlock that AI magic.

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ChatGPT - Your AI Conversation Companion

ChatGPT is the talk of the town in the world of AI! It’s an incredibly popular AI model designed for natural language processing and language learning. So, what can it do? 

Well, imagine a very human-like chit-chat, almost like conversing with a chatbot, but even better. ChatGPT is one of the fastest-growing AI models of our time, trained to follow instructions and provide incredibly detailed responses.

Exploring ChatGPT-4 Capabilities and Limitations

The free version of ChatGPT, also known as version 3.5, is equipped with 175 billion parameters and packs a punch. But when compared to the latest version, ChatGPT-4, with its hundred trillion parameters, it doesn’t measure up. 

ChatGPT-4 is more reliable, excels at handling prompts, and makes fewer errors.

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 32 33 (1)

ChatGPT-4 is included in the paid Plus account. For $20 USD per month, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It offers plugin capabilities, connecting to a variety of third-party websites and data sources broadening the scope for integrations.

It’s not without limitations, though. Users can send only 25 messages per three hours, and responses might take longer than ChatGPT 3.5. However, the enhanced accuracy and nuanced responses of GPT-4 make the slight wait worthwhile.

GPT-4 also boasts a larger word limit, enabling it to tackle more extensive documents. While this feature hasn’t been fully utilised yet, it shows potential for digesting sizable, complex documents and providing a summarised version.

While ChatGPT could be your ticket closer to your goals, it’s no genius with all the answers. It’s here to give us a leg-up, not to boot us out of our jobs.

When whipping up SEO content for clients we find that ChatGPT does not do everything we require and there are lots of things we have to tweak and change to deal with the model’s little quirks and inaccuracies.

ChatGPT is also a bit of a time traveller stuck in 2021. So for the fresh-off-the-oven laws, just-baked regulations, or latest information, it’s a little out of its depth and fact-checking is an indispensable step.

The Art of Priming: Creating Quality Content

To get the most out of ChatGPT, we need to use techniques called priming, prompt engineering, or tuning. 

We need to guide and train the AI to get the best results. It’s like having a chat with the AI, asking it questions or telling it things before we ask for what we really want. 

Similar to training a new person on your team who starts their first day with a bit of knowledge, but still needs an introduction to get to know the job. 

Ultimately we want to create a ‘persona’ for the AI that acts like our new team member and then train it to give us what we need.

Walkthrough of ChatGPT Priming - Live Demonstration #1

When you start a new conversation in ChatGPt, it’s a good idea to instruct the AI to ignore all previous prompts.

This gives you a clean slate and allows you to guide the AI in the direction you want. 

Giving the AI a name, like “Matt,” also helps make the interaction throughout the conversation easier.

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 38 23

Next, you can describe what you want the AI to do. Let’s say you want the AI to write copy. You can instruct it to be a seasoned copywriting expert with a specific area of expertise. 

This kind of guidance improves the AI’s performance and the quality of its responses. It also helps to refer back to the AI by its name throughout the conversation. So if you’re several messages in, you can say, “Hey, Matt, can you do this now?” 

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 39 29

In our first live demonstration we tasked ‘Matt’ with a fun assignment: to write for the Skittles brand – a brand of multi-coloured candies with a quirky and fun tone of voice. Known for pushing the boundaries of strangeness in their writing, we wanted their classic tagline, ‘Taste the Rainbow,’ to feature throughout the content. 

The AI persona ‘Matt’ showed that it understood the vibrant, eccentric, and fun voice of Skittles. It even started including the ‘Taste the Rainbow’ tagline in its responses. 

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 41 04

Then we pushed it even further and gave Matt a whimsical prompt: to write a 200-word article about pigs being able to fly

The output kept referencing the tagline and stuck to the bizarre and fun tone we instructed. Showing a clear understanding of the brand’s voice and style, all thanks to careful priming.

The AI persona ‘Matt’ showed that it understood the vibrant, eccentric, and fun voice of Skittles. It even started including the ‘Taste the Rainbow’ tagline in its responses. 

Walkthrough of ChatGPT Priming - Live Demonstration #2

In our second live demonstration, we primed the AI with a persona named Kevin, an e-commerce content expert with 15 years of experience.

Watch the video to see how the AI’s response embodies a sales-oriented approach as Kevin confirms his readiness to assist. Showing the AI’s ability to comprehend the priming and distinguish it from specific instructions.

We also took the priming a step further by specifying Kevin’s persuasive tone, focusing on highlighting user problems and presenting the product as the solution.

Streamlining Article Creation with Command Memory

ChatGPT can recall each specific command within a conversation. This feature removes the need to input information repeatedly. 

Whenever you need a new article, tweak the existing message and have the AI rewrite it. This approach maintains a consistent tone of voice and provides you with a fresh piece of content.

You can stick with an AI persona you’ve set up and refine it by adding more details within the same conversation thread.

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 47 14

You can easily switch between conversations linked to specific commands and responses. If the AI’s output meets your needs, you can start to play around with different commands to see how they change the results. 

This is where the fun and skill of prompt engineering really kicks in.

Screenshot At Oct 18 09 50 51

It’s clear to see that AI possesses the ability to handle a substantial portion of content-generation tasks. And we’ve merely scratched the surface with these examples of how AI understands and responds well to effective priming. 

Keep experimenting with different examples and documentation types, and watch the AI learning from your inputs and using them in its responses.

Understanding AI-Generated Content and Google Penalties

In today’s digital landscape, we all worry about driving traffic to our websites through Google and whether using AI-generated content might result in penalties. However, it’s crucial to remember that “content is king,” and the rules of content creation still matter. The origin of the content becomes less important as long as it remains helpful and adheres to Google’s guidelines.

To make AI-generated content effective, we must play a crucial role in priming and refining its output. Even with AI, we should review and improve the content to ensure its high quality. But we need to exercise caution, as AI can sometimes provide incorrect information. So, having a solid understanding of the topic we’re working on is essential. If the AI makes mistakes, we must catch them before using the content.

The journey of exploring AI’s capabilities is both fascinating and rewarding. AI can be a valuable tool for content creation, helping us speed up the process, generate ideas, and structure content. However, it’s crucial to remember that AI is not perfect, and human expertise remains vital. Subject matter experts should review and fact-check the content to ensure accuracy and coherence.

By combining AI’s capabilities with human oversight, we can create compelling, informative, and SEO-friendly content that resonates with our audience and drives organic traffic.

Embrace the vast possibilities, stay informed about AI advancements, and adapt to the dynamic landscape. 

The future holds immense promise, and AI is here to propel content creation to new heights.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out today, and together, we’ll unlock the full power of AI in your content journey.

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