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How to close a sale with ease

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A proven recipe for digital marketing success.

Sales secrets from a pro!

Like most things in life, learning how to close a sale doesn’t just happen by wishing and hoping. It can actually be downright scary, especially if you don’t know where to start (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!). Businesses that haven’t figured out the distinct steps to closing a sale end up wasting time and resources on customers who will never even buy from them – which is crazy right?!

Fortunately, Chandell Labbozzetta from Life Puzzle has this all figured out and generously shared her secrets on how to close a sale with us! Chandell is a best-selling author, master sales trainer, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming master trainer who knows how to sell like a boss. With practical advice and tried and tested tools, she takes out the guesswork of converting more sales, helping you to sell confidently like a pro. 

We’ve hit the sales jackpot by getting to speak to Chandell, so let’s dive into the strategies and tips she shared with us on how to close a sale. You can also watch the live recording below.

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Check out some snippets below!

Demand generation

Demand generation is a vital tool for understanding your target market. It’s possible to group your target market into clear-cut buying phases that will help you to pinpoint the ones who are ready to buy and the ones who may be time wasters. 

  • 3% are ready to buy
  • 7% are open to buying – but not looking yet
  • 30% are indifferent
  • 30% think they aren’t interested 
  • 30% know they aren’t interested

The secret to increasing your sales is to focus on the top 40% of your market and maximise your relationships with them. This would include actively showing them how your product or service can help solve their problems, why you are the lead authority in the industry and why they should trust you and your business.

demand generation

Google ZMOT (7 - 11 - 4)

Google calls the online decision-making moment in the buying process the Zero Moment of Truth or simply, ZMOT. It’s that crucial time when people are Googling your stuff – researching your website, reading reviews, and exploring your content to make an informed buying decision.

Google shed light on what they found in their Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, and you know Google knows best! They found that before someone buys from you, they need:

  • 7 hours of interaction
  • across 11 touchpoints
  • in 4 separate locations 

This means people need to be exposed to your brand multiple times before they decide to buy, just like when you look up a product online, and suddenly it appears EVERYWHERE! Businesses who don’t understand this and think they only need to be seen once are wasting precious time and losing sales. Who wants that?!

The 6-step sales process

6 step sales process

We’ve outlined a 6-step sales process to help you navigate the path to more sales.


It starts with attracting the client with messaging that resonates. Traditional advertising, social media, and content marketing are all great ways to reach your target audience. Your website is your online shop front, so ensure this is up to scratch and is a true reflection of your brand.

You need to invest in digital marketing in order to skyrocket your sales. Some key strategies we would recommend implementing would be savvy SEO and targeted google and social ads. Don’t forget, you want to remain front of mind to hit the ZMOT goals!


Once you’ve attracted potential customers, it’s time to convert them into leads. This is typically done by collecting contact information in exchange for something of value, like a lead magnet or e-book. Our favourite way to convert leads is to host a webinar just like this one! Leads are exposed to our magic and gain valuable insight for free (which is a win-win).

Making sure your website offers something of value is as crucial as collecting leads. Think about what your sales process should look like after they make an enquiry and how this is delivered to your chosen CRM.


You need to deliver on your promise. This is where you take the lead and turn it into a paying customer by providing them with an exceptional experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Take Five by Five for example, we offer 120 days to deliver your u-beaut website and during that time, our clients are contacted by the original strategist multiple times throughout the project to ensure we are meeting their expectations!

The client love doesn’t stop once the site is launched, we touch base with all of our clients multiple times a year to ensure we are doing everything we can to support their digital goals.


After successfully delivering your product or service, it’s time to collect payment. This can be done through invoicing, subscription billing, or other methods depending on your business model. This is a no-brainer, right?


To make sure you deliver on your promise to the client you need a well-oiled machine running behind the scenes. With the proper resources in place, like people, processes, and technology. This leads us back to the original argument we had going into the webinar, the business owner can’t be the lead salesperson (or accountant, or project manager, or HR manager for that matter). You need people on your team who shine in their roles and take the responsibility of hitting targets to skyrocket to the moon.

You also need well-documented processes. We have documented every process you can think of, and yes, this does include how to take the bins out at the end of the work week, which has made delivering projects easy as pie. We also invest in robust technology that makes our lives a whole lot easier. For example, we love PipeDrive for tracking all of our leads and enquiries.


Finally, you need to lead your sales team, your audience, and your raving fans. This means having a clear vision for where you want to take your business and inspiring others to help you get there.  

Every business needs a clear vision of where they want to be in five, 10 or even 20 years’ time. Having the right people in the right seats is a sure win to achieve this vision.

The sales funnel

sales funnel

The backbone of turning leads into customers is your sales funnel. It helps you nurture your leads and turn them into paying customers. The important stages of your sales funnel will root out the clients who will never buy from you and reveal the ones who are ready to buy.


At the top of the funnel, you’ll find the Suspect – a person who is merely browsing, much like a window shopper. They’re only there to look around, not to buy. They might be interested in what you’re selling, but they don’t need it and aren’t interested in your offer. If you root them out early on you save time and energy.


The Prospect is a Suspect that is not just browsing but has an identified need or problem you can solve. They may have downloaded a lead magnet, signed up for your newsletter, or taken some other form of action beyond just browsing.


A Prospect who is interested in your offer may not have the resources to invest in your solution. You qualify a prospective lead by finding out if the person’s needs match your offer and if they have the resources to pay for it. To do this, you might have a meeting in the form of a paid or free strategy session where you gather information. 


A lead is closed when the client signs the relevant contracts to seal the deal. It is the time when you can pat yourself on the back because you’ve done a great job of convincing the client to buy into your solution – wahoo!


This last crucial stage in the sales funnel is when your client grasps the value of their decision and investment. Leading to a fully committed client who supports you and your team to get the promised results. This will definitely lead to referrals and raving reviews.

Knowing your numbers

For a birds-eye view of how your sales are doing, you need to track your results and numbers – or you’ll be flying blind. By keeping track of your sales numbers at each stage of the funnel, you can quickly identify what is and isn’t working in your sales process. Then, once you know what’s working, you can do more of it! And finally, by identifying your weakest point, you can focus on improving that area until you see the results you want. It’s a proven fact that you can get 20% more sales, simply by measuring your numbers!

Up for a challenge and ready to break some sales records? Join the 5-Day Confident Closing Challenge designed to show you that YOU are a Master salesperson. If you want more in-depth help or you want to supercharge your sales join Chandell for a 30-minute power session.

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