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How to turn one blog post into ten different pieces of content

12:00pm AUS
Jon Hollenberg
Five by Five
Gabrielle Armes
Five by Five
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A proven recipe for digital marketing success.

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of content creation for your business? This month’s webinar is all about content repurposing – we’re talking about maximising your marketing output without having to increase your input. Now isn’t that the dream! 

Here’s what you can expect from this session.

🤓 Approaches to content repurposing: We share a few different strategies for repurposing your blog content, including content analysis, audience segmentation, and content mapping. See how you can reach a bigger audience and extract maximum value from your existing content.

🧩 Choosing the right formats and channels: We’ll look at a variety of content types — from webinars to videos to social media posts — and share some of the ways we often adapt our Five by Five blog content for each format. Understand the strengths of different channels and how to choose the right ones for your audience and business goals.

🗓️ A step-by-step guide to turning your blog content into three weeks of social media posts: Learn how to quickly and effectively repurpose a blog post into ten different content pieces. We’ll also introduce a few of our favourite scheduling tools so you can plan ahead and rest easy knowing your social media is set for the month ahead.

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