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SEO seems to be on the top of everyone’s tongue lately. Even here at Five by Five, our SEO department has been growing exponentially as more and more businesses realise the power of Search Engine Optimisation.

But did you realise that there are other crucial web optimisation strategies that don’t just include those critical to SEO itself? 

Activities like creating the perfect sitemap, designing a good looking site, content that converts, and photo and video assets that paint the perfect picture are all necessary web optimisation strategies so that your website performs to the best of its ability. 

Get those leads and enquiries flooding in, baby!

Your website’s sitemap

A sitemap is the foundation of your customised web strategy and where your business magic is defined. Think about what makes you unique! 

This is where you need to get very clear around who you are communicating with by defining the buyer persona. Who are your ideal clients?

Here at Five By Five, we can help identify your unique value propositions and what your competitive landscape looks like. 

This strategy session defines your website structure. This is the architecture, different pages, menu structure and how your website actually hangs together. 

Ultimately, this web optimisation strategy is the framework for your website design and also your online presence.

Web Strategy Sitemap

Your Business’ Logo and Branding

You might be wondering how your logo and branding could affect your web optimisation at all! 

Your brand is not just a logo, it is not your product, it is not your name, it is the personality and community you wish to portray. 

Historically, businesses that invest in their branding achieve much better results than those that don’t. Your branding is the base for which your website is designed upon, how people can pick you out of a crowd, and how you first build rapport with those who land on your website.

Whether you like it or not, first impressions count. This is your chance to suit up and present the best version of yourself aesthetically and also differentiate yourself. 

Ultimately, your branding should elevate you in the marketplace above your competitors from the moment people land on your website.

Log And Branding

The Design of Your Website

We believe that website design is the centrepiece of your web optimisation strategy. 

It is important to remember that your website is not just there to look pretty. Strategies like SEO, content creation, and conversion from a sales and a psychological perspective are all important components of your final web page design.

There are key elements that go into crafting and creating the perfect website homepage to keep the Google Gods and your website users happy. 

Great homepage web design helps keep your leads on your website and takes them on a journey. 

Poor design is ultimately going to create mistrust with your users. First impressions are 94% design related, so your website really is like your new shop front, you want to entice people in!

Your Visual Assets Like Photos and Video

The natural flow on web optimisation strategy from web design is your photo and video assets. These visual assets should sit front and centre on your home page as they allow people to establish rapport at a glance so when they get in touch, they feel like they know you already.

Video really helps to paint the picture as to what your client experience will actually look like. If you have an amazing video where you can look down the lens and translate your passion for whatever it is that you’re doing, it is a really powerful web optimisation strategy.

Photos and especially video, builds trust with your potential customers and clients who may have never come to you before. They have confidence that you are who you say you are, and that you’re going to give them the experience that you tell them you can deliver.

You need to do at least two or three photo shoots every single year that allows you to scatter those images through your website, social media and other marketing collateral.

Your Brand Voice

Copy is a critical web optimisation strategy, not only from a search perspective, but from a conversion perspective. 

Your website copywriting is not only there to attract and keep Google happy, that’s just half of the puzzle. 

You need to make sure that people are compelled, that your content urges people to actually raise their hand and want to get in touch with you. Copy is like your online sales person. If it’s not selling you, it’s not doing its job. 

The real key is to focus on simple, succinct and scannable content so that when someone comes through to your site, it’s easy for them to know they are in the right spot.

Layered into your copy should be some solid keyword research to enhance your content strategy for your website.

Content is limitless and the content on your site should never come to an end! 

Content needs to keep being added to your website to result in a good position on Google (hello Page 1), and bring in a steady influx of new leads and enquiries.

The Ongoing Hosting and Support of Your Website

Finally, you need to tick all the technical boxes like your site’s hosting and support. 

Make sure your user experience is great and all your security updates are taken care of. You need to have a plan in place for tweaks and iterations on your website which is an integral component of your ongoing web optimisation strategy.

These little 1% tweaks and changes consistently over time are going to help your site from a general conversion perspective.

The wrap
Web Optimisation Strategies Wrap-up
In summary

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, what we need to do is get really clear on your web optimisation strategies outside of SEO to ensure that you are able to convert online. 

We are the web strategy agency who can help you with website structure and design, logo and branding, photography and videography, copywriting, SEO and hosting and support.

We offer you the Burger With The Lot, your complete digital solution.

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