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Hello, it’s Peter Carter, head of sales at Five By Five.

So we make great looking, high performing websites that generate more leads and enquiries for our clients.

Just like you it’s all about sharing your unique magic with the world.

But I wanted to tell you what it is I love about this role.
So I came from a 17-year career in commercial radio and i found myself constantly talking to business owners about their website believe it or not.

Essentially they would come to us to advertise, but what I worked out was at the end of the day you are what Google says you are.

So no amount of advertising, it doesn’t matter what sort of budget you’ve got if where you’re taking them to – (if the portal = the website in which you’re engaging with them is terrible), well you’ve most likely bought your competitor a sale.

So that got me interested in digital.

I’ve now been doing this or over 12 months and i love the fact that we get to lift up the hood of all sorts of different businesses.

All sorts of different industries, small through to large, and it’s fascinating to see the way that these different businesses are structured.

From the client journey the product ecosystem, we really love to understand exactly who you are on a granular scale.

Who you’re doing it for and essentially replicating that through your website, shouting it from the rooftops what you do uniquely and how you can solve people’s problems.

So look, that’s my why I love to get up every day, find a brand new inquiry and dig into what sort of business and industry it is.

And essentially help them realise perhaps what it is they’re doing uniquely.

They may not even know it.

Half the time we go through the process, we help businesses actually learn a lot about themselves.
So, at the end of the day if you need a great looking high performing website and someone that’s genuinely invested and interested in your story and shouting it from the rooftops then reach out and get in touch.

I’m Peter from Five By Five and i’m the head of sales

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