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Our Co-Pilot Approach

So, in 15 years of building websites, we’ve seen all shapes and manners of different clients.
And we’ve learned a lot about delivering websites.
In a previous life we’d very much taken an order taking approach in which essentially clients were in
the driver’s seat, and they were telling us what to do, and how to do it.
The issue with this approach is it’s very reactive.

It’s not leveraging off our years of experience, and ultimately they weren’t getting the outcomes
that they wanted.
We like to promote our approach to building websites, and we call it our co-pilot approach.
When you think about a co-pilot, they are sitting side by side in a cockpit.
We’re pressing the buttons, and we’re pulling the levers together.

The benefits of this are very much – we’re leveraging off each other’s experience.
It’s much more of a collaborative process.
It’s a lot quicker and it’s very much driven around the outcomes that are defined at the start of the process.
So when someone partners with us to deliver a new website, we make sure there is alignment in and around this approach.

The end result is a much better solution and a much happier client.

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