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Systemising Talent Attraction and Onboarding for Fast Growth: Lessons from Five by Five

12:00pm AUS
Jon Hollenberg
Five by Five
Janelle Morton
Five by Five
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A proven recipe for digital marketing success.

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, it’s not just about creating outstanding campaigns and boosting conversions – it’s also about creating a well-functioning machine in the background.

During this month’s Lunch and Learn session, we delved into the inner workings of running a successful company.

Janelle Morton, the legendary Champion of Flow and Focus, here at Five by Five joined Jon Hollenberg (our founder and owner) to chat about how her exceptional organisational skills helped streamline the recruitment and onboarding process.

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Check out some snippets below!

Streamlining HR processes with Employment Hero

Janelle’s extensive experience in efficiently-run council environments made her the ideal person to tackle the challenges we faced during our rapid growth. 

We needed a system to attract, onboard, and retain the right people while managing our HR processes more efficiently. That’s when we discovered Employment Hero, an all-in-one HR platform.

Employment Hero has been a game-changer for us, helping us reduce email clutter and streamline our HR processes, making our team’s lives easier and more efficient. 

With the platform, we can store all of our HR files and documents in a secure and central location, while streamlining recruitment, onboarding, and performance management processes. Its accessibility through both desktop and mobile applications means we always have access to the essential info we need, no matter where we are.

It also integrates seamlessly with our Xero payroll system, making managing leave requests and company policies simple and keeping everything in sync. 

Employment Hero has allowed us to follow our four-step process for HR success and build a high-performing team that will help us achieve our goals.

Our four-step process for HR success

onboarding and talent attraction with janelle morton

Step 1 - Recruitment

We use a tried and tested recruitment process, starting with a clear vision for the role, including a role or position description and a training plan. This way everyone is on the same page about what the role entails and what skills are required.

We advertise the role on various platforms, such as external job platforms, company websites, and social media. Employment Hero offers integrations with external platforms like Seek and Indeed, making it easy to streamline the advertising process.

We shortlist candidates and set up interviews. We use Employment Hero’s mobile and desktop applications to access important candidate information and schedule virtual interviews through platforms like Zoom.

We also like to include a trial day to catch the candidate’s vibe and ensure they connect with the team. Employment Hero’s surveys and communication features help facilitate this crucial step in ensuring the candidate is a good fit for the company’s team culture.

onboarding and talent attraction with janelle morton

Step 2 - Onboarding

We’re committed to creating a well-structured onboarding experience that helps new team members feel supported and engaged. We know that this approach sets the foundation for long-term success and high performance within our team.

To ensure that new team members are the right fit, we offer them a casual three-month contract, giving us enough time to assess their skills and cultural fit. From day one, we provide them with all necessary accounts and equipment, including a fully equipped workstation, so they can hit the ground running.

In addition to these practical considerations, we also focus on creating a personalised onboarding experience. We provide a “welcome passport” filled with fun questions that help new team members connect with their colleagues quickly and get a feel for our company culture.

And to show our appreciation, we celebrate their arrival by throwing a party on their first day, complete with delicious food and drinks. 

By giving our new team members the love and attention they deserve, we’re creating a positive work environment that fosters long-lasting, high-performing relationships.

onboarding and talent attraction with janelle morton

Step 3 - Team Rhythm

To maintain the momentum of our personalised onboarding experience, we keep our team rhythm tight and supportive. By staying on top of our game and creating a positive work environment, we’re setting ourselves up for long-term success and high-fives all around.

We use Employment Hero’s survey feature to check in with our team members regularly. 

  • In month one, we conduct a check-in survey and ask anonymous questions, providing a safe space to share concerns. 
  • Then during months two and three, we schedule conversations with their supervisor to identify challenges and adjust their training plan where necessary.

After the initial three-month period, we conduct a formal one-on-one check-in to assess whether they’re a good fit. If they are, we check in every six months and reset goals annually using Employment Hero’s review functionality.

We also encourage informal communication within the team and issue a monthly employee happiness survey because when our team is happy and satisfied, we know we’re doing something right.


Step 4 - Performance Management

Dealing with poor performance head-on is super important to keep our team at the top of their game. Providing clear expectations and support can work wonders, which is why we give our leaders the power to sort things out with their team members through one-on-one check-ins and regular feedback. 

If one of our team members struggles, we attempt to fix things within the team first. We give them all the support and guidance they need and find out if they need any extra resources to help them get back on track. Plus, we always try to see if any external factors could be causing the issues.

We make sure that each team member knows what success looks like and has everything they need to achieve it.

If poor performance continues, we implement a performance improvement plan (PIP) using Employment Hero’s tools to outline clear expectations and a roadmap for improvement. In many cases, this can lead to a significant improvement in performance. If it does not, written warnings and extended PIPs may follow.

If poor performance continues, it’s, unfortunately, possible that termination may be necessary. However, we’re happy to share that in our 17 years of business, we’ve never had to terminate someone due to poor performance.

Hiring - red flags

Keep an eye out for potential red flags during the recruiting process. Like a candidate that deviates from the onboarding process, or fails to complete trial day challenges.  

Other red flags to watch out for include candidates who fail to provide a portfolio of work or don’t make an effort to connect with team members.

Hiring - good signs

On the flip side, there are also some positive signs to look out for during the recruitment process.

We prioritise cultural fit above all else, which means that sometimes we’ll choose someone who might not be qualified on paper, but who we feel will get along with our team.

During the interview, pay close attention to the candidate’s responses and whether they’re actively engaging with you and showing enthusiasm for the role.

It’s a great sign if they go above and beyond to showcase their skills and fit with the team, for example by putting in effort on tasks or trial days.

Follow-up communications can also show a candidate’s level of interest and engagement with your business.

And remember, if you’re not feeling a strong “heck yes” about a candidate, it’s probably a “heck no.”

You can unleash the full potential of your team and take control of your business success! To make this happen, you must equip yourself with the right tools and a tried & tested process – then you can skyrocket to new heights!

Contact us if you have any questions – we’re always ready to help you reach new levels!

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