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Elementor Gold CoastFive by Five is the leading Elementor web design agency on the Gold Coast.

With hundreds of Elementor website projects under our belt, and the fact that we just happen to have snagged two recent showcases (September & June 2021) for best Elementor built sites we have the track record with this awesome web design tool.

Check out our award winning Elementor examples here:

Katherine Maslen:

Katherine Maslen

The Shift Clinic:

The Shift Clinic

So what is Elementor exactly?

We made the switch to Elementor a few years back and we are massive fans of this WordPress page building tool.

In short, it is a page building plugin that sits within the WordPress Content Management System.

The great thing about WordPress is the ability for a client to get in the backend and get their hands dirty.

This effectively replaces the WordPress editing system with a “real time” drag and drop editing tool that allows you to build complex page layouts without having to know any coding.

Finding a really nice balance between design and coding you can edit content, add blog posts and build out landing pages with ease.

The standard WordPress editor can sometimes be limited in terms of what you can and can’t do. Elementor gives a library of “pre-built” widgets that literally allow you to drag and drop creating pixel perfect layouts and eliminates the need for a million different plugins.

This is a demonstration of building a page in Elementor:

The drag and drop feature makes building pages very quick and easy due to the fact that all you need to do is literally pull from 90+ widgets such as buttons, accordions, galleries, videos and progress bars. Because you are designing in real time, you don’t need to switch between the editor and preview mode and can see exactly what you are creating.

Elementor Widgets

The best thing of all is that it is mobile responsive meaning all your new pages not only look great on desktop but on tablets & mobile. Clients LOVE this!

Everything from the entire site, to landing pages, blog posts or sales pages can be coded up in Elementor. It is infinitely customizable meaning backgrounds, padding, margins, colours can all be changed.

Sold on Elementor? So are we!

On the Gold Coast and need help with your next Elementor web design project? Get in touch.
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