Feeling backed up?

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You had better hope so!

And this is a good type of backup – not the kind that requires more fibre.

I am of course referring to a backup of your WordPress website.

After all, only the paranoid survive.

WordPress Backup

And in today’s digital world, it can be far too easy to become complacent. Take for example the Melbourne based hosting company who, in 2011, had their servers hacked. Their entire server was erased, including all backups, snapshots and other information that would have allowed them to restore. With no offsite backups, this left thousands of Australian businesses stranded until they were able to re-install or re-construct their websites.

The lesson here is always have an offsite backup. What is the definition of an offsite backup? It is a backup of the site that exists externally to the environment where your website resides.

A good hosting provider such as wpengine.com takes daily snapshots of your website. In addition to this, use a plugin called Backup Buddy (https://ithemes.com/purchase/backupbuddy/) to push a regular offsite backup to a cloud hosting service such as AmazonS3 or Dropbox. It is also advisable to download this file regularly to your local office or computer for complete peace of mind.

This will help you sleep easier at night, knowing that you can always restore a backup of your website if need be.

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