Don’t get caught out by the Chrome “Not Secure” warning

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Don’t get caught out by the Chrome “Not Secure” warning

Ensure you don’t get caught out the Chrome Not Secure warning. Your website may be affected in the upcoming release of the Chrome 56 web browser is due for January 31st, 2017.

Part of Google’s commitment to security is a warning which will be implemented on all sites that haven’t been secured via an SSL certificate.

The Chrome Not Secure warning warning will look similar to this:

Chrome Not Secure Warning

While only happening on pages containing password or credit card input fields, it is a sign of where things are heading.

As mentioned, in this post, it is highly recommended that all sites use an SSL certificate.

What do I need to do?

Your web designer or host will be able to install an SSL certificate on your website and force HTTPS. This means that your sites URL’s will change from to

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