Announcing Carla Schesser as Our New CEO

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Announcing Carla Schesser as Our New CEO

“If you can’t see her, you can’t be her” – Graça Machel Mandela

After meeting Graça Machel Mandela (wife of the late Nelson Mandela) last year and hearing her speak so passionately about women and their place in the world, we feel even more inspired about building strong female role models in our business.

Types of women that my eight year old daughter can look to for inspiration, courage and leadership as she grows and flourishes.

After 14 years of running my business, I am handing over the reigns to the amazing Carla Schesser who has been a production manager in the business for the past 3 years.

She is an inspiration for many (including me) having tackled her own fair share of issues and challenges along the way.

I am really excited about what the future holds and growth opportunities for our clients & partners.

Below is a press release about this announcement.

Jon Hollenberg – Founder of Five by Five

We are pleased to be able to announce that Carla Schesser has been appointed as our new Chief Executive Officer. She took up her post on Monday, 13th January 2020, succeeding under Founder Jon Hollenberg.

“Five by Five is a true community of creative, bright and inspired individuals, and we are thrilled to announce Carla as our new CEO,” said Jon. “As 2020 kicks off, Carla’s appointment was a logical step to lead Five by Five into the new decade and beyond. This world needs more strong, young women like Carla in leadership positions if we truly want to make an impact in the world.”

“Growth and comfort cannot coexist.” said Carla, adding it’s particularly true for young adults and has been something she has continually experienced in her own career. “When you find an organisation like Five by Five that is built on bringing out the best in each team member, the community and clients, while sticking to a set of aligned core values, that’s where the magic happens.”

Five by Five also celebrated its 14th anniversary in business this month, with Jon mentioning “Five by Five’s big focus for the year is continuing to improve as a socially conscious business. One way is through our contribution arm donating 1% of our revenue to local community and international projects such as – B1G1, Havafeed or The Ocean Cleanup.”

“We help our clients share their magic online by delivering websites with a combination of stunning design, robust technology and content that converts,” added Hollenberg. “We also believe in paying it forward by being a business for good in our community, helping each client achieve their goals, developing leaders in our organisation and having some fun along the way.”

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Holly Turkington
Content Creation Genius

Holly started her career in Television production for Sky Sports in New Zealand, after completing her degree in Television and Journalism. After moving to the sunny Gold Coast 4 years ago, Holly branched out into the world of digital marketing and content creation.

Writing subjects were always Holly’s favourites through school and uni and when she

started working at Five By Five as an SEO copywriter, her Mum said she had “come back
to her roots”. With more than 200 blogs on every subject imaginable under her belt,
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Holly is a big fan of reality television and our resident Kardashian expert.

Pre-Covid she was a bit of a jetsetter and would catch more than 30 flights a year. Her favourite thing in the world to do is eat, chat, share ideas and most of all, laugh!