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Why do you want a website?

Before we start working with any new client, I always ask this question:

“Why do you want a website?”

It seems like a really obvious question.

But sometimes the most obvious questions are the best ones.

You see, it forces the client to define what is important to them. Makes them articulate what success looks like and how they will weigh up whether this was a worthwhile investment in both time and energy.

And the funny thing is the answer varies dramatically from business to business.

It may be they want:

  • The phone to ring
  • Their inbox to be full of email inquiries
  • More online sales
  • A tool to provide validation or credibility that the business is a leader or an expert in their chosen field
  • A combination of all of the above

A lot of the time, leads and enquiries aren’t the focus.  A business may be dominating in the offline world and they just need a showpiece to further stamp their impact on a particular industry.

What ever the goal, we put strong focus on this question as this is how our clients will be measuring us.

That way we have the clear and united vision for the intended outcome.

There are no misaligned expectations and everyone is working towards the same picture of website success.

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