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Tania Maras from Percy Handmade was one of our very first clients (going back over 7 years ago now).

We have redesigned her site a few times over the years. Take a look here.

Percy Handmade Website
Tania’s story is an inspirational one.

Tania used to spend her days in an office cubical working for a government department in Canberra. While she didn’t hate her job, she didn’t love it either.

Instead, her passion was to come home and sew to the wee hours of the morning.

A very talented seamstress, Tania would craft beautiful bridal accessories such as headpieces, veils and purses.

Percy Handmade Bridal Accessories

Being a small bootstrapping start-up, there wasn’t a lot of advertising money to go around. Paying for advertising in the traditional bridal market is dizzyingly expensive. Instead, her approach was to meticulously document every thing in her world that inspired her creativity through her blog.

Tanias Blog

Tania quickly became the authority in all things bridal accessories and shared her wealth of knowledge. Tania is a lover of ‘beautiful things’ and the blog served as a great platform to share this with the world.

In addition to this, high quality explainer videos were created. Here is an example:

The quality and detail that Tania provides in her blog is inspirational. This is “magazine quality” content that gets linked to from lots of other publications & social media.

The end results is search engine traffic. And lots of it.

Percy Handmade Search Results

Search Results

After three years of content generation, her website now:

  • Generates over $10k of sales per month
  • Tania is seen as a leader in the bridal industry
  • She is asked to regularly contribute to other notable offline publications and blogs


Tania left her government job last year and now is focused 100% on Percy Handmade. She makes a good living and is doing what she loves.

Just shows what can be done with some passion, a great WordPress website and a consistent approach to content creation.

If you want a website like Tania’s, we would love to chat.

Tania Maras

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