Web Design Sales Interview Checklist

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Web Design Sales Interview Checklist

I had a meeting with a prospective web design client the other day.

She was a switched on young lady with a good understanding of the online world.

Works for a big 100+ person organisation that is a significant player in their industry.

I ordered us a coffee, sat down and pulled out my “website design sales interview checklist”. A 3 page document which extracts all the information I need to formulate a web strategy. Something I try do with all prospective clients.

She was shocked and amazed.

Web Design Sales Interview Checklist

The reason for the shock and amazement, in fact, quoting the clients own words was “this is very professional. I am not used to this level of detail from a web designer”.

You see the checklist is a great tool used in sales conversations to get a lay of the land.

Trying to ask as many questions as possible and try to get the facts up front. From this, I can formulate a plan of attack that is actually going to get the client some results.

It turns out the prospective client had a WordPress website built just a year ago by a larger Australian web design business.

She wasn’t overly impressed with the end solution and the process (starting at the sales conversation) had been painful.

There was no briefing done by this other firm. Just a site slapped together.

And the spend was a significant one. Over $10,000+.

So, if your prospective web designer isn’t spending some time to get down into the nitty gritty, you may want to look around for other options.

Below is the PDF checklist that I follow when interviewing my clients.

I hope it helps.


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