Understanding Your Questions:

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Understanding Your Questions:

I am always trying to get a better understanding of the challenges my customers are facing and understand what questions you might have.

Hi Jon Hollenberg here from Five by Five. I just wanted to put together a quick video for you. We’ve been having a lot of discussions with our customers revolving around the use of web video. Video is exploding on the internet and it’s a really powerful medium. It allows you to stare down the camera and I eye ball your customers and have a really personal interaction with them. It’s real, it’s authentic and enables people to have that connection with you. It also enables you as a business owner, to build yourself as an authority in your marketplace. So, I just want to put together a quick video and ask you a couple of questions.

The first question would be; if you could sit down with me (Jon Hollenberg), and have a coffee (which you are more than welcome to, just let me know), and ask me any question in the area of web or online marketing, what would that question be?

Secondly, if I could wave my magic wand and get you any result in the area of online marketing, what would that result be? Or what would success look like for you?

So, just hit reply on the email, doesn’t matter how small the question is. I’ll answer it. Just hit me up and I’ll get right back to you! Look forward to catching up to you soon! Thanks!

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