This One Simple Tool Will Save You at Least an Hour Per Day

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This One Simple Tool Will Save You at Least an Hour Per Day

Would you like to create 1 extra hour in your work day? An extra 5 hours per week? An extra 240 hours per year?

WFT!? Sounds way too good to be true I hear you muttering.

It’s the truth I tells ya!

Back in the olden days, I used to type very long winded emails. Real “War and Peace” style essays to clients. Intricate, lengthy emails trying to convey complex concepts or step by step instructions on how to do something.

The problem with this approach was:

  • They took forever to type
  • They were boring
  • They lacked emotion
  • Context was always missing
  • They were confusing and hard to follow (especially when giving instructions)

But one day in walked this hunk of a software program:

No this is not a paid advertorial.

Just a honest-to-god testimonial for something that has dramatically improved the quality our team’s lives. Right up there with sanitation & penicillin.

You see, this software records you (via your webcam), your audio and your screen. The ultimate trifecta! You can then send this as a video via the interwebs.

When you have something profound to say to a client, just COMMAND + SHIFT + 2 (Mac shortcut) and the software starts recording.

It allows for simple editing if need be on an easy to use timeline style editor (not mandatory):

One click of the menu and the video is pushing up to Dropbox:

1 minute later, your video is live online in a secure, private environment.

Just send off the link to your client in an email and Voilà! Your recipient, is watching you present, hearing your voice and seeing your screen.

All done in a fraction it would have taken you send that epic email.

To type that info with my fat fingers would have taken at least 10-15 minutes. Extrapolate that out over the number of emails I send a day and this is a very efficient way to communicate.

What’s more, it is real, authentic and more engaging. Clients can look you in the eye and understand what you are explaining on screen. A lot easier for them to understand the point you are trying to get across.

The cost of the software, a piddly $99 USD.

This only available on the Mac here.

For PC users, you may consider Camtasia (slightly more expensive but ultimately does the same thing).

Keep on recording!

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Holly Turkington
Content Creation Genius

Holly started her career in Television production for Sky Sports in New Zealand, after completing her degree in Television and Journalism. After moving to the sunny Gold Coast 4 years ago, Holly branched out into the world of digital marketing and content creation.

Writing subjects were always Holly’s favourites through school and uni and when she

started working at Five By Five as an SEO copywriter, her Mum said she had “come back
to her roots”. With more than 200 blogs on every subject imaginable under her belt,
Holly is equipped to handle any client content thrown her way!

Holly is a big fan of reality television and our resident Kardashian expert.

Pre-Covid she was a bit of a jetsetter and would catch more than 30 flights a year. Her favourite thing in the world to do is eat, chat, share ideas and most of all, laugh!