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Here is a quick a powerful strategy that many of the worlds leading marketers use everyday to drive targeted (practically free) traffic to their businesses.

And it’s all about creating simple Joint Ventures with related but not competing companies. This strategy works for both B2B and B2C.

Please go through these steps and you’ll soon find abundant opportunities to tap into other business owner’s customer relationships and goodwill.

Step One: Brainstorm a list of at least 20 non-competitive businesses that sell to your target market.

“Ask yourself what your customers would likely be buying before or after they purchase your product or service to help get the creative juices flowing?”

Step Two: Decide what kind of JV you want to set up and approach these businesses with your offer.

  • You can share or swap leads and names on your database.
  • You can purchase leads from companies, or you can sell leads to them.

A simple letter or phone call to some smart business owners is all takes to create a couple very profitable JV’s

Step Three: Market to the leads you acquire through your JV.

Depending on your business this can be done through a quick phone call, a direct mail letter/email or even a simple flyer or business card that your JV promotes gives to their clients.

This is a basic overview of how a joint Venture works but they don’t have to be complicated to be profitable. Each new door you open up for new customers to walk through creates stability and consistency in your business.

About the author
Jon Hollenberg
With over 20 years experience within the web industry, Jon is an expert in online marketing and online growth strategies. Over the last ten years he has worked with iconic brands such as Qantas, Jeep and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary plus hundreds of other businesses Australia wide. Jon is a published author of "Love at first site - How to build the website of your dreams".
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