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Five by Five’s ways of making a difference

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At Five by Five, we take pride in supporting our clients, team members and the community!

We are taking a positive approach to making a difference and being actively involved in our community. There are so many incredible charities surrounding us, so picking one was incredibly tough. Our team got together and put their thinking caps on and we landed on the perfect organisation, B1G1!

The B1G1 initiative allows us at Five by Five to make an impact on several communities (10 to be exact!) just by doing our normal work routine. To give you an idea of how we make an impact, each time we complete the following activities we support a particular project:

Complete a Web Strategy Workshop - we give 100 days of education support to disadvantaged children.
Launch a new website - we plant 15 trees in the world.
Receive a 5-Star Google Review - we provide 500 days of access to clean water for people in the world.
Resolve a Support Ticket - we give 15 days of shelter to a destitute elderly person.
Client website conversion - we provide 30 days of vocational training to women in the Philippines
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As a team we also decided to go one step further and make a donation for the following occasions

Team member birthday - we provide 30 days of computer education to children in remote aboriginal communities.
Team member work anniversary - we provide 60 days of shelter to people in the world.
Team member promotion - we give 500 days of access to lifesaving healthcare to people in Kenya
Receive a love email from a client - we give 10 meals to adult koala patients.
Employee of the month - we give 20 bricks made of recycled plastic waste to build schools in Indonesia.
We also continue to work with HAVAFEED, an organistation based on the Gold Coast who support individuals who are at a disadvantage and need support. Our Street Parties are heavily focused on supporting HAVAFEED and we have donated over $10,000 to the incredible cause. A new website is in the works for them, keep your eyes peeled for the much needed upgrade!
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