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As far as content goes, law can be a pretty dry topic. Right up there with watching paint dry and the grass grow. 🙂  Apologies to all our lawyer friends.

But our client Stacks Law has proven it doesn’t have to be. This type of content can not only be interesting but engaging. Gasp!

Take for example their “Which Case Won” series of articles. Click here for the below example.

In summary, they:

  • Pose an interesting QUESTION about a real life topic e.g. Was the bank customer who withdrew $2 million he didn’t have guilty of a crime? Which case won?

  • The FACTS are then provided about the case.

  • A case for the DEFENCE (CASE A) and the PROSECUTION (CASE B) are put forward.

  • You then asked, WHICH CASE WON? The user must then select CASE A or CASE B based on the facts provided.

  • Once a selection is made, the results are then shown confirming whether you were correct and how the majority of other participants voted.

  • In addition EXPERT COMMENTARY is provided as to how the court arrived at the outcome.

Pretty nifty huh?

This is a great concept in the fact that it:
  • Gamifies the content by encouraging the user to consume the content
  • Opens a loop which most people want closed. What was the answer?!
Inbuilt into the page is:
  • Social sharing
  • Exit intent (tracking X & Y mouse coordinates) to stop them from leaving the page until they actually select an option
  • Has a timed popup to get the visitor to opt in via email for more of this type of content

Traffic is driven by regular marketing activities every time a new “Which Case Won” article is posted.

Page engagement and interaction has been high and have fueled good growth in the their email marketing list.

Using the above example, how can you “gamify” your content to encourage interaction?

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