15 kick arse call to action examples for your website

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In this blog we are going to look at 15 kick arse call to action examples that you can use for your website. Let’s skyrocket those conversions!

At Five by Five, we create a lot of content. And we do mean a lot. Thousands of blog posts, websites, emails, and just about everything in between.

Through it all, there’s one tiny but vitally important tool we’ve mastered for our clients — the small-but-mighty “call to action.”

In this post, we want to provide you with some of our favourite call-to-action examples, as well as some background info on why a great CTA is so important.

Keep reading to become a CTA genius.

(Did you see that? That was a call-to-action inside of a blog about calls-to-action. CTAception.)

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What is a Call to Action?

A call-to-action is a prompt that encourages your website’s visitors to take a desired action. This can be anything from subscribing to your email list, filling out a form, or making a purchase.

The CTA itself can come in many forms— a button, hyperlinked text, or even just a simple directive like “subscribe now.”

Why do CTA's matter?

A call-to-action is important because it helps convert website visitors into leads or customers. If someone is on your site, chances are they’re interested in what you have to say, or a service you’re offering — a CTA ensures they don’t simply move on without taking some desired action.

Think of it this way— a CTA is the final push that helps turn a casual browser into a paying customer.And while CTAs are small, their impact can be huge. In fact, companies have seen up to a 28% increase in conversions simply by adding a CTA button to their emails.

How to write an effective CTA

Now that we’ve talked about what CTAs are and why they’re important, it’s time to learn how to, you know, actually write one. After all, simply adding a “subscribe now” button to your site won’t do much if it doesn’t encourage clicks.

Here are a few tips for writing an effective call-to-action:

Keep it simple

The best call-to-actions are short, sweet, and to the point. No one wants to click on a CTA that’s long-winded and confusing — make sure your CTA can be read and understood instantly.

Use powerful words

The words you use in your CTA can make a big difference in whether or not someone actually clicks. After all, you want your CTA to pack a punch and encourage action.

Make it timely

If you’re running a sale or promotion, be sure to mention it in your CTA! This adds a sense of urgency and encourages people to act quickly.

Use directional language

When writing your call-to-action, use language that tells the reader what will happen when they click. For example, “Subscribe now to get our latest blog posts delivered straight to your inbox!”

Place it strategically

Your call-to-action should be placed in a spot where it’s easy to see and click. This is usually at the top or bottom of a blog post, on the sidebar of a website, or in an email.

A sticky CTA, which moves along your user’s screen no matter where they are on your website, can also be a gamechanger. As soon as they’re convinced and ready to take action, there’s the CTA waiting for them.

A/B Test

Not sure which call-to-action is performing the best? Try testing out different versions to see which one converts the most visitors into leads or customers. This process is known as A/B testing, and it can be a helpful way to fine-tune your call-to-action for maximum impact.

15 call to action examples, from simple to sassy

Ready to see how Five by Five does it? These 15 CTA examples may not all be groundbreaking, but we build our websites based on what we’ve learned over the course of drafting 3,000+ websites in a range of industries. Sometimes, your best bet is to be creative and unique, other times, the basics work best.

Free is like a magic word in the world of CTAs. If someone feels like they’re being led down a path toward a purchase, they may resist. But offer them something for free? They’ll click every time.

Rep Des

This is another great way of ‘soft’ selling to your customer. They don’t feel like they’re taking a big step toward a sale — they’re simply finding out a bit more about you.


We love this CTA because it projects confidence without coming across as corporate or disconnected. Earth and Skin makes people feel their best, and they know it. This CTA lets their site visitors know it, too.

Earth And Skin Cta Example

The use of ‘personalised’ here shows that when you book a tour, it’s not just going to be the basics. You’re going to have your unique questions answered — something that’s always top of mind for parents when it comes to their children and their individual needs.

Cccc Cta Example

We love the casual, conversational nature of this CTA. It matches The French Beauty Academy’s brand voice perfectly, another important consideration when writing a CTA.

Fba Cta Example

Five by Five | How tasty is your website?

Of course we had to through one of our CTA’s in here! One of our favourites to lead users to complete our Digital Strategy Scorecard.

Five By Five Cta Examples

On Zealifi, we presented every CTA in pairs— always putting a “Learn More” button next to a “Book Now” button. This lets you speak to customers at multiple stages of the sales cycle. Not ready to make a decision? Learn more first. Ready to get going? Click “Book Now.”

Zealife Cta Example

Some of the best CTAs identify customer fears and promise to minimise those fears. At Business Legal Lifecycle, many of their clients are worried about legal risk and how to mitigate it— and that’s exactly what they do.

Business Legal Lifecycle Cta Example

Another confident CTA that speaks to car buyers who are passionate about their vehicles. When you’re taking your precious gem on four wheels to a mechanic, you want someone who’s the best of the best.

Automotive Hospital Cta Wxample

Simple, straightforward, and inviting. This one’s not breaking any ground, but we love the enticing nature of it and how it fits in with the Noble Life ethos.

Noble Life Cta

Some of the best CTAs make a very specific promise for what you can expect if you engage the services of a given brand or business. At Get Mentally Fit, their CTA is clear on what you’ll get — the chance to create a thriving, mentally fit workplace.

Get Mentally Fit Cta Example

Writing CTAs for tourism clients is vital. You’re speaking to people who are excited to discover everything a destination has to offer. In other words, what they can see and do. See what we did there?

Victor Harbour Cta Example 300x114

Speakers, coaches, and other instances where a brand is an individual are all about a personal touch. We like the use of “reach out” because it’s the way you would describe contacting a friend.

Graeme Cowan Cta Example

“Now” has power. It says, “I’m not waiting around. I want results today and Sandwai is going to give them to me.”

Sandwai Cta Example

This CTA presents TURSA and the audience as a team, embarking together on an adventure rather than one selling to the other.

Tursa Cta Example

We mentioned how some words have power. Well, “power” definitely has power. Doesn’t everyone want to “power up” when it comes to facing something potentially stressful, such as migration?

Migration Agency Cta Examples

Five by Five: Websites that Work, CTAs that Convert

At Five by Five, writing killer and high-performing CTAs is just the beginning (or, in many cases, the end) of what we do.

Ready to find out more?

Power up today and reach out to book in a demo to start your journey and create a thriving workplace to see & do what it takes to find out what makes us the best.

Just kidding. Never smush together ten CTAs. That’s our last tip.

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