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John Barrett is a Gold Coast photographer with an artist’s eye. Working on his website has been a pleasure and we are super happy with the outcome. John’s photography courses on the Gold Coast are something that we were just so pleased to be able to help him to share to the world. With a variety of photography courses to suit all needs, we know JB is going to kill it with his brand-spanking new website.

John Barrett
The team at Five by Five were magnificent in all aspects of the design & build and the end result is spectacular. When choosing Five by Five I had a need and a nebulous plan to achieve it. The team clarified and then expanded on my initial plan and solved and strategised my need. They did this by not only giving me the answers to the questions I asked but by making me aware of those questions I didn’t even know to ask and then supplying the answers! Highly recommended!
John Barrett Photography Site
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