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Web Design for Psychologists

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While building trust and credibility is important for most industry websites, it is imperative when it comes to building a website for a Psychology Practice. Your website needs to create an emotion, be caring in nature and clearly show how you can help the person looking at your website. It also needs to identify a niche, who specifically do you help? What is your brand? Your website copy, design, and branding needs to authentically reflect the Practice, your Psychologists and your clients. Consider all headlines, images, layout and copy. If your website looks like everyone else’s using standard templates and images, your future client is not as likely to connect with you and your team of Psychologists. They may even feel like just another number. Partner with an agency who has the experience of working with similar Practices to yours. We will extract your business magic or niche and create a custom website in design and copy that speaks to the heart of your current and future clients.

A high performing psychologists website design typically includes:

Combine all of this with a good learning experience and you are setting yourself up for success online.


We have worked with all types of Psychologists including Child Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Consumer Psychologists, Community Psychologists, Development Psychologists, Educational Psychologists, Engineering Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Sport Psychologists, Military Psychologists, Health Psychologists and more.

Psychologists are integral to the mental well being of every community. From a very practical perspective, they provide support and information as to how your customers can engage and interact with your business. Things like opening hours, phone numbers, PDF forms, client & referral forms can all be housed on your website.

We understand how much valuable information you have to share to boost the mental health of your clients and community. We also appreciate how much administration is involved with running a business. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day and looking after your clients is your number one priority. A great designed, well structured website can help with administration and potentially provide e-learning or digital resources allowing you to leverage your IP and knowledge.

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