• Person Filling Out The Form

  • STEP 1.) Ask the purpose of call

    “Hi new sales prospect! How can I help you today?”

  • STEP 2.) Ask name and business name

    Fantastic - you've come to the right place, can I just grab your name?

  • “Thanks {name}, what business are you in? What industry? (get business name)”

  • Reinforcing statement, eg: “Oh great, we do a lot for people in {your industry} - if this is true!

  • STEP 3.) Find out where they came from - lead source

    Just curious, how did you come across us?

    If a REFERRAL, reinforce the reference with a positive and relevant comment, eg: yes Mary Smith was great to work with, I remember her website, she is getting great results from that...

  • STEP 4.) Find out what Feature Advantage or Benefit they loved

    Why us? OR Was there an aspect of our work that specifically stood out to you?

  • Listen, repeat, reinforce their reason as appropriate
  • STEP 5.) Ask a little more info

    ‘Tell me about your current website’ Or ‘Tell me what you had in mind for your website’

    ‘Are you working with a set deadline?’

    ‘Let me tell you a little bit about Five by Five - Jon Hollenberg started the business nearly 15 years ago in Melbourne, and due to his love of surf and sunshine relocated to the beautiful Gold Coast. In that time we have delivered close to 4000 websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes.’

    ‘Out first step is to extract a bit more information about the project through our online briefing form.

    It will ask:

    • Who you are
    • What you do
    • Who you do it for
    • Your product ecosystem
    • Service offering
    • Client engagement process
    • Ultimately, what you want to achieve from your new website’

    'The purpose of this enquiry form is to assist you in clearly articulating what it is you want.'

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