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Here is a strong example of how Five by Five can generate a huge amount of website traffic and conversion.

In January 2018, a very established car spare parts and dismantling company located in Melbourne weren’t actively being seen online.

Not having experienced the true impact of digital marketing, they were sceptical about getting a return on investment and never included it in their budget.

Their only experience with paid advertising to drive traffic to their website was through “Pay Per Click”, which had turned out to be largely unsuccessful (and very expensive!). They’d never explored “Search Engine Optimisation” and didn’t understand the value it had to their company.

When they came to Five By Five, what they hoped for was to walk in the door each morning with the phone ringing off the hook and an inbox full of email enquiries.

What they needed was to see the importance of digital traffic to generate successful conversions and website clicks. We showed them case studies of other successful clients who had websites that were dominating online.

Once they saw these, they then had a run-down on setting up correct website structure and creating eye-catching content. By this point, they were extremely convinced we could get the results!

We had to put in the hard yards to get everything catalogued, and we’ve successfully laid the groundwork for a website that will spit out leads for many years to come.

In just over 9 months, the website’s live traffic was up by a whopping 200% and had generated over 2,000 enquiries.

An average sale for this company is worth a few hundred dollars hence the value of the leads has provided a massive return on investment already!

Justin Walker - General Manager
Great to work with, great finished product!
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