Digital Strategy Workshop Questionnaire

At Five by Five, we’re committed to collaborating closely to make sure the impact of our digital strategy is clear and measurable. Your insights in response to the below questions are crucial for us. They will enable us to fine-tune your digital strategy, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business objectives and drives the results you deserve!


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Please provide detailed responses to the below questions to the best of your ability.
We want to ensure we're targeting the right people!
Could be new laws, technology advancements, market shifts, etc
It's important for us to understand any other marketing activities & goals to ensure we're all moving in the same direction.
We'll do some research on this prior to our strategy session!
Again, we'll do some competitor research based on this prior to our strategy session!
We want to ensure we're reporting not only what's important for us to measure but also what you want & need to know!
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